December 22, 2012

See Me Do Happy Dance!

What a beautiful morning it was! The sky was bright blue over the house and to the west. The mountains were white with snow and just a wee bit of clouds behind them.

In the east was a huge expanse of clouds, white and gray and billowing probably 30 or 40 thousand feet into the sky.  It was incredible. Glorious, even!

I drove to the store to give my husband a hug and see if he needed some lunch. Got a big kiss for my effort ( I love sucking up to him!). Then I drove to the mall, needed to pick up one last little thing.

You see, our family has this thing about Superman. Uncle John, Uncle Adam, Auntie Ashley, Auntie Nicole and Katie all have Superman t-shirts or sweatshirts. I'm not going to mention key chains, mouse pads, bobble heads or floor board pads and I'm pretty sure the boys (who are in their 40's) don't have Superman sheets anymore but I wouldn't guarantee it and I'm not asking.

We have a new member to the family. My grandson's fiance. Her journey hasn't been one of the easiest but she's part of us now and I really wanted to get her a Superman t-shirt for the 2012 Cool Members of the Family picture.  She could possibly take one look at the t-shirt on Christmas morning and sneak out the back but I'm betting she puts it on and joins the insanity.

In several months we may have her participating in whole conversations around the table that are made up of favorite movie quotes. Monthy Python Quest for the Holy Grail, Groundhog Day, Star Wars, Star Trek, Joe vs the Volcano, Princess Bride and other family favorites.

Luckily, I found a parking spot two spaces from the nearest mall entrance. (My guardian angels take excellent care of me). I jogged in (thank you new anti-inflammatory), stood in line surrounded by very questionable items in the store (store next to the calendar store outside of Penny's). Ooh la la, I am going back after Christmas but will be incognito!

By the time (15 minutes max) I walked out of the mall the entire sky was dark gray and foreboding.
What happened to my sunshine?

So, here I sit, in the warmth of my house, done with shopping, drinking a rum and coke (please don't call me and ask me to drive you somewhere because I am going to have to say NO!) Jammies on, Traditional Chex Mix next to me on the desk and contemplating an evening watching Dennis Leary's THE REF, one of my favorite Christmas movies (not appropriate for the little ones).

Gratitude: I am thankful for Dr. Ng, I am thankful for 40,000 foot walls of white towering clouds. I am thankful for Captain Morgan Rum (thanks, Randy....yum!) I am thankful for my cousin Randy and Rosalie. I am thankful that a good friend got a wonderful tribute presented to him by his son and I am thankful for Words With Friends. I am thankful for the friends that let me beat them and the friends who whoop my ass.  I am thankful for turquoise, for flannel, for quilts and feather pillows!

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