May 10, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day, hmm, not sure how I feel about that day at this moment.

Just read a couple of Mother's Day blogs from some pretty self-centered, self-involved, narcissistic step-mothers who have written little manifestos about why they deserve gifts from Dad and kids, and not just any gift but some pretty "good" stuff.

Several of the blogs (please, God, tell me they were written by Teen Moms) describe how much said "step-mothers" have given up.  One mother used the word "sacrificed" to raise "your" kids, so she deserves more than just recognition, she deserves some "stuff", "good stuff"!

I'm a mom, I have a daughter who is a mom, two daughter-in-laws who are moms, and, of course, I have a mom.  I can't imagine any of them thinking that their husbands better make this coming Sunday pretty damn special because of the "sacrifices" they have made by being a mom.

I can't say it wouldn't be wonderful if the kids all got together and send me to Kauai for a week or two, yeah, that would be nice. But I have to tell you that being a mother is the gift. Being blessed with children, to help shape, to teach, to inspire, to gift them unconditional love and help them to see their own strengths and courage and gifts, that is truly a gift of boundless worth.

To be the one who run's shotgun, takes point, reconnoiters, stands by when consequences for poor choices are hard, has their backs and lets them know that she loves them is the biggest blessing. Those quiet moments in the kitchen when a child shares a secret or makes a joke or tells you about something that happened during the day, those are the gifts. those are moments that say "I appreciate you."

If you are tapping your foot, arms folded across your chest, counting the minutes until Sunday morning so that you can to be treated like royalty, gifts, bows from husband and kids as they kneel on the floor repeating,  "We're not worthy!" then shame on you!

If you are expecting there not to be a big "Yahoo" for your "sacrifices" so that you can pout and stomp around and whine about how unappreciated you are, you probably are unappreciated because self-entitled narcissists are really not appreciated, except when you leave the house for a Starbucks or a workout at the gym. If that is you, do your family a favor and take a book with you to Starbucks, sprout them a little peace for Mother's Day!

If all you get is a phone call or a hug, yay for you. If you get mad at your hubby or your kids for not making it a-day-at-mommy-disneyland, you need to look over your priorities. Maybe you shouldn't have had kids, maybe you shouldn't have married someone with kids, but you are in it, DEAL!

Kids, give your mom a hug or call for Mother's Day. Even Moms and Step-Moms like to feel appreciated.

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