May 23, 2013

Symphony of Talent

Several years old but says it all!
My husband and I attended a concert Tuesday evening.  We heard Mozart, an incredible Lady Gaga medley, a medley of famous ballets, some hip hop, some classic, some rock.

The auditorium was full and the music was good. Two of our granddaughters were playing violins. Neither one of them performed all the songs. There were different levels of excellence but they were all very good. Believe me, I have 3 children, over 40 nieces and nephews and 7 grandchildren. I have sat through many concerts, that while filled with sweet faces and precious children, would have been more appropriate for Guantanamo then for proud parents, grandparents and aunties!

The last really good concert we attended for one of our grandchildren was years ago when our grandson played in a drum corp and really rocked the auditorium. In one song, he and the other corp musicians came out wearing coveralls and carrying shiny new garbage cans. Their drumsticks were in their pockets and they played sticks and garbage can lids. Excellent!

Last year we attended a hip-hop jazz concert. One of our granddaughters performed a couple of rocking dance routines. This year she won several awards in Drama.

This year we saw another granddaughter perform a couple of "way cool" dance routines in West Coast Story and even had a line or two. She sings, dances, plays the violin and is going to be in Kids Unlimited this summer.

The other violinist that played last night is also a gymnast extraordinaire. Last weekend she showed me how she can do pushups while in a handstand, yes, she did!

Her little sister is also an up-and-coming gymnast, she rocks a great cartwheel.

Two other granddaughters are outstanding athletes. The oldest granddaughter is only a sophomore and she has already been recruited for the Junior Varsity softball team. She excels in softball and soccer! Word is that she has every chance of being granted a college scholarship for her athletic prowess.

Her little sister is also a champion soccer and softball player. I saw her in a softball game in April and she made a double play from center field, knocking out second base and a quick throw to first.  "The crowd went wild!"  She also batted in two runners during the 4th inning.  She and her big sister can get into a soccer game and run, which seems to me, non-stop, for an hour! Who does that?

Am I a proud grandma? You bet your tush I am!  Not only are my grandchildren totally talented, they are kind, loving, intelligent (oh, I didn't even get to the awards for scholastic achievements or honor society, but the day has only so many hours).

The only thing better than watching your own children grow bigger and better than yourself is to live long enough to see their children leave those over-achievers in the dust!

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