January 27, 2014

Further Up the Numinous Trail

 Loving the book our Book Club chose, The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart. It is filled with science. It discusses time and quantum physics and solar flares and experiments by world class scientists, engineers and physicists. Right up my alley because it contains just enough woo-woo (metaphysics) for me mixed with the hardcore science.!  Can't wait until we get to share our findings and feelings!

Lyn has come up with her suggestions for the next read. Very enticing.

The first suggestion is also the one she promoted at the first meeting. I believe that I will read it whether it makes the Book Club cut or not.  It is Mrs. Satan by Jill Johnston. No, this is not the biography of the Garden-of-Eden Adam's ex-wife, Lilith.  Good thing the bible hadn't been written yet because Adam apparently was the first person to divorce. Man, that was one potent apple!

Mrs. Satan is a biography of Victoria Woodhull, the first women to run for president of the United States and the first woman to open a bank on Wall Street. From the title of this tome you may rightly assume that our patriarchal culture did not take kindly to Ms. Woodhull's independence nor her lofty ambitions.

 A book of vignettes is another of Lyn's choices. It is titled Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything by Phil Bolsta., describing life-changing epiphanies, sacred moments and spiritual awakenings. The book includes many celebrated spiritual leaders including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walsh; powerful medicine women including Christine Northrup and Rachel Naomi Remen.

I know that we have all had those compelling moments that have impacted our lives or our beliefs.
What magic juncture or twinkle in time changed your life?

Agenda for a New Economy by David Korten is Lyn's third suggestion. We are all aware of our shattered economy. Everyone I know was affected in one way or another. Korten's second edition of Agenda describes the how and why of the destruction of America's economy and what efforts are being made to glue it back together.

Three books I never knew existed ~ "Hello, Nice to meet you. I am looking forward to getting to know you."

You can see now why Lyn was one of the women invited to join us. She is not only intelligent but also wise. She is 100% invested in life. Lyn drove her motorcycle off of Buckhorn Summit about six years ago and flew several hundred feet down the cliff. Luckily, her motorcycle got caught up in a tree and didn't follow her down the hill. When she didn't show up with the rest of the bikers at a rest stop just east of the Camden House.  It took over 8 hours to find the spot where Lyn went over and another hour of two of rescue efforts to lift her out of the canyon.

Lyn's mission in life seems to be to make this world a better place through education, awareness and being the strong yet gentle woman that she is. Lyn is Lyn, barely any of her Brooklyn accent left but enough to know she's not from around here! She lives in the mountains with her two dogs and cat. She is, indeed, a mountain woman, living naturally, abstaining from carnivorous consumption. Her carbon foot print may be minimal but she has made a giant imprint on the lives around her, including mine.

Lyn, you're swell! I love you.

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