January 30, 2014


"What can you write about "rare"?" she asked.


"Yes, you know 'rare' blue diamonds, rare ahi tuna!"

"Rare!Like, I love my steaks rare?"

"Somewhat mundane, but, yes, like that!"

"I'll give it a try!"

It's a rare day that I do not sit and read at least one or two of the books I have open somewhere in the house.
Rarely do I go outside naked though not as rare as you would think!

   From bedroom to pool,
 skipping sky-clad is rare
   The water calling,
 because my body is bare!

It is a rare corner in town that doesn't sport a person baring a cardboard sign that announces the need for money for gas, diapers, food, etc.  It is the rare person who doesn't give you the wtf-eye-roll when offered a hamburger instead of cold cash.

Bigfoot sightings are rare but I think I'd like to meet one of those rare creatures. (two rare's in the same sentence! yeah, baby!)

It is rare for me to sleep all night without waking to write a thought down or pick up a book and finish a chapter.

It is not rare to see my grandchildren smile and beam with delight.

A mother who would not give her life for her children is rare, though, sadly, it does happen.

The pledge, 'until death do us part' is rarely kept. 

Is it rare for an innocent person to be sent to prison?

Are Chevy Corvairs rare? Is it true that finding a Chevy Corvair that hasn't fishtailed or drifted is quite rare?"

Corvair rhymes with rare.....is that cheating?

Locating an individual who doesn't like ice cream cones or buttered corn on the cob is unbelievably rare.

Leaving the house without a trace of dog hair on my clothing is, indeed, rare.

When sitting in front of the keyboard pondering sentences which contain the word 'rare' my mind is like a locked bank vault.

I can make this rare guarantee. When I publish this post about the word 'rare', and walk away from the black leather chair, my thoughts will be bombarded with sentences and phrases containing the word 'rare'!

If only she had suggested a word that had a sing-song ring. Some word with at least two syllables would have been nice, maybe even three or four.

Like: Capacity or violet or profound (oh, I like profound). If it had to be a single syllable, what would be wrong with true or love or cheese? Even fourth, blue or breeze! 

My submission was short and to the point...which for me is quite rare. I simply said,

"Finding good chocolate chip cookie is quite rare.
Though, rarer still, is to find a bad snickerdoodle!"


  1. Snickerdoodles? SNICKDOODLES?!?!?!?!?

    Oh, girl, I SO have to teach you about cookies!


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