January 07, 2014

What Is Going On?

I jumped out of bed this morning. Cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed family and living rooms, swept the hard wood floors, tossed out aging leftovers from fridge. A quick pat on the back and shower!

By 10:30, I was ready to sit at the computer and write for two hours. My promise is to write at least 10 paragraphs a day. That quickly grew to two hours which, at times,  becomes 6 or 8 hours when I am in the zone!

Writing: Done!

Ah, now, some leisure reading!

I filled a tall glass with green tea, lit a couple of candles.  Put a tea candle in the oil burner with a drop or two of eucalyptus/lemon essential oil. My Nook is fully charged, phone turned off!

I keep several blankets and quilts in each room for cuddling up. I also have two blankets for the dogs to curl up on.

Being a cool day, I put a quilt into the dryer to warm it up. After 5 minutes the quilt was ready for me, my book and my chair.

Goose bumps raced up my arms....guilt free reading, wrapped in thick warm quilt. Maybe hours and hours of it! I better run and go pee first so my glorious time is not interrupted later.

I returned to the family room in less than two minutes.

My warm quilt is on the Dad-chair and Thor and Kona, our two Pit Bulls are curled up, nesting in it's warmth. The burgundy dog blanket is barely on my chair, mostly on the floor....cold!

Rex, our Border Collie, is, curled up on the end of the couch with eyes peeking up at me as if saying, "It wasn't me!"  Kona is snoring but Thor has one eye watching me. When I put my hands on my hips, Thor closes his eye!

Now we might suppose someone else is in the house and switched blankets. Nope, all other adults are at work.

Did the two blue-nose babies drag my quilt off my chair and over to the big chair?
Did the border collie move the blanket to get the boys in trouble?(he isn't very fond of them)
Is it time for that commitment hearing my daughter is always talking about?

Maybe...just maybe...I won't read so much Koontz ....I''ll try a Stephanie Plum detective book this afternoon!

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