February 25, 2014

I Love Surprises

Do you like surprises? Not like the envelope holding the note from the IRS that states you are being audited or the neighbor knocking at the door to tell you your parking brake gave out and your "76 pickup truck just rolled into his 2013 Camry.

I mean surprise visits from people you love. There is a knock at the door, you answer it and yay, it's your parents. You give them big hugs and send God a big heap of gratitude that this is the first day in 12 that you are wearing clothes instead of jammies, you don't smell like Vicks and you actually combed your hair and put on some mascara! Oh, yeah, and you actually had a pot of coffee brewing and the pink package of stuff Dad likes to put in his coffee.

I mean the kind of surprise when you give your mom and dad a hug goodbye several hours later, check the mail, walk in the house and there is a knock at the door. You open it and your brother who just had open heart surgery two months ago is standing there! (By the way, that was a four hour drive by yourself and I will be calling your doctor!) We had a great visit and I just happened to have another pot of coffee brewing (decaf).

Do you like the surprise, when out of nowhere, your husband looks across the table and says, "Have I told you today, I love you?"

Do you like the kind of surprise when your son and daughter-in-law show up at the door with a gallon of the "good" ice cream and homemade hot fudge and it's still warm? And believe me when I tell you, my daughter-in-law makes the best, the very best hot fudge! Bar None!

Do you like the kind of surprise when you walk out to your car and find that all the bird poop that was on the roof and trunk has disappeared and the only other person home is your grandson but you thought he had been in his room playing xbox all morning?

What about the surprise where you are sitting in the living room trying to read but your mind keeps drifting to "what am I going to make for dinner" and all of a sudden the most delicious smell reaches you from the kitchen. Surprise, your grandson is cooking dinner! Even bigger surprise, it is damn delicious!

I like surprises. I like cards out of nowhere, hugs out of nowhere, steaks out of nowhere. I like bird poop gone to who-knows-where.

I mostly like surprises when my teeth have been brushed, my face washed and my hair combed but if none of that has happened it doesn't get in the way of my enjoyment or gratitude.

Just a warning though; I'm not real fond of surprises between midnight and 5 a.m. I say this for your protection, not mine!

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