February 28, 2014


My sister posted a picture of a bench over looking a beach this morning on Facebook. The caption on the picture read "If you could sit on this bench and chat for one hour with any person, past or present,  who would it be?"

The responses were many and interesting. I found the imagining of such an opportunity extremely delightful.

Ah, the thought of sitting above the ocean talking with anyone....I could smell the ocean, the beach, the sea grass. Then I realized that whoever was coming should bring a warm wrap, the ocean breeze was just a little chilly. Knowing my companion and I would be enshrouded in the same blanket means we would have to be sharing a close space. On the FB comment I hadn't thought the whole picture through. Now, knowing and feeling so much more about the event, I think I would chose to share that bench with my granddaughter Katie. We rarely have the opportunity to visit without lots of people and chaos around us. I could wrap my arms around her, we could sit close, we could share thoughts, possibly, even secrets.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.boston.com
That marvelous event inspired me to seek out other possibilities.  Many, many years ago I spent some really wonderful time with my niece, Naomi. She was just a little one and we had a great time telling stories, riding elevators and running down long hallways. I've spent more time with her over the years but we've always had lots of family or friends involved. She is a young woman now, so she is always, always, on the go.  I would like to spend an hour (at least) with her but not on the bench above the beach. My choice would be to grab a pizza and find an old row boat to spread out in, to chat and eat pizza. Share dreams and stories, maybe even make up some stories. She could tell me about the films and documentaries she is envisioning in her future. I would try and visualize them and see their success.

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Don Miguel Ruiz, a Toltec master, is  another of my desired people to converse with. Of course, for this conversation, we would need to be seated on one of the steps of the ancient pyramids in Cacaxtala-Xochitecat, Mexico. I would ask him about dreaming and Nagual wisdom. We would wear large, floppy sea grass hats and painted huaraches. My black jaguar would leave the jungle and join us on the ancient stones. After our conversation, Ruiz would invite me to be one of his apprentices. Jaguar and I would return to the jungle together, sit at the bottom of a immense tule tree. We will talk of the days when we share a single spirit and seek knowledge in the spirit world.

Photo Courtesy of http://jill-abeautifullife.blogspot.com
Sitting in a circle around a fire pit , a fire snapping and crackling the scent of burning mesquite and pine, my company of choice would be the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.  They would talk of humanity and Mother Earth, of their lives and their cultures. I would sit and listen and learn. I would look into the eyes of these wise elder women and imagine a world filled with peace. I would envision a world where every woman's child would be honored and respected no matter what the age of that child. Whether you be a newborn or a 99 year old man, you are someone's child.

When conversing with my sister, the very best location is a deserted island in the Carribean. We will smell like Shea butter and coconut oil and not one SPF in view, our guardian angels will be filtering out the sun's UV rays. It won't actually be completely isolated for, every now and then, a kind, generous man with gentle hands and soft voice would bring us two masterful margaritas, reapply copious amounts of shea butter and coconut cream to our bodies and tell us sweet stories. Sometimes he would bring fresh slivers of pineapple, crab and prawns cooked to perfection with a small assortment of dips and melted butter. Sometimes, he would just sit with us, feeding my sister little pieces of rich chocolate and whisper to her that he will make my next drink a double so that I will sleep and they can be alone on the beach. I will sleep and dream of mermaids and dolphins.

I want to meet with Barbara Ann Brennan. For that meeting we will need a dimly lit room with at least one wall that is painted white. We will talk of aura's and energy; of physics and healing.

There is the exchange I long for with Deepak Chopra that can happen anywhere, as far as I am concerned, as long as we don't have to sit criss-cross-apple-sauce on the floor.

I'd like to talk with Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh. I think that conversation should be at 40,000 feet. We would be sitting in the cockpit of an Airbus A380. Of course, they could settle amongst themselves who shall sit in the co-pilot's seat and who shall assume the Captain's seat. I would ask them about their thoughts of flying solo above the clouds, what were their thoughts, their feelings. Did they experience fear and anxiety or was it sheer joy and gratitude of being able to just soar.

  There are so many benches and seats and places I would like to share a conversation with my husband. Possibly sitting on a warm rock near a mountain stream; huddled tight in a duck blind waiting to photograph the next unsuspecting owl or hawk. Sitting on the hood of the car watching the sunset as we inspect every single little dot in the sky with our binoculars to discover if the dot is sporting a tail so that we can yell, "I see it, the Comet!" Sitting in the car on a long drive or a short drive, sipping soda's and nibbling on ChexMix (Traditional or Bold). Rebuilding the campfire after rising from our tent on a cool mountain morning, laughing at each others' bedhead style! Or maybe just spooned in bed, watching the weather report before we click the TV off for the night.We would dream of holding hands and staring out the window of the space station watching the stars and earth rise.

While there are many, many other talks I dream off and plan for, my final one for today's post is a private conversation with myself. 

I prefer my turquoise, green and white quilt in a mountain meadow. The sun twinkling between the branches of the tall pine I have chosen to shade my little private space. I have a crunchy pear, an Arizona Green Tea and possibly an Almond Joy (depends on how soon my next dr. appt is). I will have my little bag handmade by a friend from drapes from the 1930's. The soft, rich bag will be filled with my pencils, pastels, my journal and good pen. Two good books, one non-fiction and one yummy fiction. I will have my camera but it will probably still be in the car with my phone. I will lay on my back,watch the clouds build and dissipate. I'll watch the pine branches bobbing in the breeze. I will listen to the birds and study the auras of nearby flora and fauna.I may study my own aura of my hands and finger tips. I will be still and feel the heartbeat of Earth through my quilt and my blouse. I will be filled with joy and gratitude for all there is and maybe drift away to dream of other days, other conversations.


  1. This may be my favorite blog post anytime, by anyone. (Damn you!)

  2. Soooooooo beautiful!I love you, Sister!


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