March 01, 2014

Destination Or Journey?

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Lead singer of Aerosmith, Stephen Tyler once stated "Life's a journey, not a destination!"

Life is, truly, a journey but aren't you occasionally filled with joy (or dismay) when you find yourself standing at what could be considered a temporary destination, a weigh station in life? Maybe more appropriately called a "way" station!

Study the path above. Is it possible that it could exist not only as a path but also be a destination?

Perception is so much of our life, our travels and passages.

Feel yourself standing at the spot the photographer stood.

Are you looking at the path yet to travel, wondering where the violet road leads; what could be around the next bend?  Or do you visual it as a path you have already traversed? Are you looking back at where you've come?

Is it only the road you perceive and the miles ahead, the miles behind, or do your senses fill with the beauty and mystery of each step you take.

As you walk the path, do you only observe your shoes as they take each step? Or are you present; wondering how the light and earth and unseen angels took an ordinary dirt path, changing it into a magical road of violets and lavenders? Do you open your soul to the energy of the souls who have traveled the road before you or who have yet to traverse?

Each day we have the opportunity to walk the mundane paths of our lives or travel magical paths. Each moment with it's own nuances and numinous aspects that have the capacity to stimulate all the senses. Imagine you are in the den, reading a good book or watching a TedTalk on the Ipad and discover the coffee cup next to you is empty. Do you refill it with a trip to the kitchen as a short trip of two points or do you experience the whole journey? Do you notice the family pictures on the wall, smell the rain outside, feel the carpet on your feet, touch the wall remembering choosing the color with your partner?

Whether you drive your own car, carpool or ride a bus on your daily commute, do you focus on what you know or imagine is awaiting you in your inbox at your desk, the calls you'll need to make, the notes you need to make for that conference in the afternoon or do you notice the swallows have returned or the bright blossoms of crocus peeking out of the snow?

When you are mowing your lawn on Saturday afternoon do you march back and forth. keeping those lines straight? Have you already crossed this job off the to-do list as you think about the run to the hardware store to pick up the items needed for other tasks or do you smell the newly cut grass, feel the sun caress your face?

As you are pulling and tugging at the overgrown Vinca for spring cleanup, you see Mr. Young walking out to check his mail, do you quickly wave and return back to the grind of tugging and pulling or do you notice that your neighbor is walking slower than usual, has a little shake in his hands. Maybe you could take a break and invite him over for an ice tea and a little conversation...that Vinca really isn't going anywhere but what if Mr. Young doesn't make that walk tomorrow?

Look at the picture again. Where could it be taking you or from where has it brought you? In your daily life are you a numbered dot; living for the destinations or are you the lines between the dots; enjoying the journey? If you live your life in little dots, little destinations, do you think you are getting the whole picture?

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