March 29, 2014

Deluge and Deluge

The sky opened the flood gates about half an hour ago. The rain seems as if it is being launched from the clouds as it is rebounding off the patio and pool cover with supreme gusto.

Great tidings for California and our drought.

This week has been a blue ribbon event for Frank, my personal meteorologist.

He has completed ground school to be a pilot and he is also a hang glider pilot. He lives for the weather. We have at least one weather instrument in each room, almost.  It is only in the bathrooms that one cannot read what the temperature is inside and outside or what the humidity is but not because  he didn't try! We just need to draw the line somewhere.

Typically, I am jubilant about the rain, hail, wind and lightening. I love chasing clouds and lightening for photo opportunities. I also enjoy just sitting and being in it.

Frank will be home in 48 minutes. He may kiss me hello but only because I am sitting in front of the second instrument in the room.  It is the most accurate and most diverse in this end of the house. First he will tell me how much rain we have had in the last 24 hours, the last 12 hours, which hour in the last 24 had the most accumulation of rain.  He will compare today to the rest of the week in precipitation. Then we will move on to wind speed, direction and gusts. Then we will discuss temperature. Interior and exterior and possibly pool temperature. He will be as excited as a kid with a new bike!

He will ask me if  I've watched TWC or the weather reports for tomorrow.  When I confess that I haven't, he will gaze at me as if I am one of those people who races to the beach when a tsunami warning is issued. Then a second of pity will flicker across his face as he remembers that I am one of those poor souls on earth that just passively observes the weather.

Tonight, when we go to the bedroom, we will replay the entire event. The weather instrument in our bedroom is substantially more precise, therefore, the details will be, well....detailed! Precipitation, year-to-date, will be added as well as any sun flares.

Rex, our Border Collie and I will sit on the bed, intently listening.

One might think this post is a complaint but it is just the opposite. I love Frank's enthusiasm about the weather, actually, his love for all-things SKY!  Weather, clouds, birds, stars, sun flares...all of it. It makes me happy to see him so excited.  In fact, almost every weather instrument he owns has been a gift from me.

Truth be told, Rex and I don't remember much of the presentations. Rain is rain as far as we are concerned!

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  1. We had a WONDERFUL deluge yesterday that went on for hours but I'm with you - don't much care about the why and wherefore. Just enjoy the weather.
    On the other hand, I love it when people follow their passions. So I'm with Frank even though I couldn't tell an isobar from and snowflake.


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