March 31, 2014

Chasing Rainbows

Not only did we chase rainbows, we chased lightening, snowy mountains, mighty oaks in green fields.

Another Sunday in search of the perfect photo. We actually got all the way to Mt. Lassen, Whitmore,
Shingletown, raced through Redding to Whiskeytown for sunset and then realized that the sun was going to make it under the clouds. That means rainbows.

We chased rainbows into the north hills. The rainbows grew bright, saturated with color and then faded. A minute or two more and another bright rainbow would burst out. We would race to the best position to snap its picture and it would fade just as we got into position. We tried really hard to capture it but we mostly laughed at how silly we were and thankful our children were not witnessing our insanity. They have already threatened commitment hearings!

We hit all four directions, headed east, came back to valley following several southern roads. We hit the west mountains to try to take a picture of the gorgeous Sun Dog about Whiskeytown Lake. Then raced through the roads on the north side. Finally arriving home and racing to the computer to see who could upload their picture first.

I won and good thing, too. If I had seen Frank's photographs before seeing mine, I probably would have destroyed my memory card and returned to the kitchen to eat some ice cream. Jealousy is so bad for my cholesterol!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am particularly a fan of virga.


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