March 28, 2014

Damn Scary Stuff

My daughter and her family rented a couple of DVD's and were having family movie night.

Shortly into the movie, they all started craving pizza. Not only were they craving it, they could smell it. She did some checking and found out that a company in Brazil has discovered a way to print the CD and DVD covers with ink imbedded with scent. As it heats up the room or car are filled with the aroma of whatever they want to sell the consumer!

Can you imagine the potential?

I could imbed the ink on my husband's science fiction movies with my me goose bumps.

Watching a zombie movie and the room fills with the coppery smell of blood.

A government documentary explaining why the middle class should pay more taxes while corporations and the top 1% get more tax breaks could fill the room with the smell of fresh baked apple pie....or, more aptly, a stockyard.

Yup, some scary shit!

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