March 05, 2014

Are You Talking About Me?

 I wrote last week about conversations I would like to participate in and where my imagination believed those conversations should know, setting the mood, making the most of all our senses to heighten the experience!

Not wanting to brag, but I have one hell of an imagination! Years of intense practice! Yet, I never imagined the conversation that really did come to pass last week.

It occurred in a Starbucks, scent of brewing coffee filling the room, rain pounding the pavement outside. People coming and going in all manner of dress. Conversation is mostly business, covering a service project we have been working on for about a year.  We've worked together on other projects over the last couple of years.

I have beau coup respect for the speaker; intelligent, successful, spiritual...the list goes on. During the conversation he says, "Toni, you are brilliant!"

That felt good! I said, "thank you for saying that..."

"No," he interrupts, "you really are brilliant! You are intuitive, you are talented and you know how to connect-the-dots! You are brilliant!"

Damn, that felt good!

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