February 24, 2014

Baby Steps

Tried and tried to write an up beat, positive post today.

Wrote about the blossoms on the pear tree, the birds, the sun shining and the blue sky.

Talked about green grass and fresh air.

It went a little like type, type, type.....deleeeeeeeeeeeete.
Type, type, correct, type, type......deleeeeeeeeeete!
Type, deep sigh, type, type, type.....deleeeeeeeeeeete!

But, my cough is much better....lungs not trying to escape anymore.

Head doesn't hurt as bad, I don't get the brain slamming into the skull pain because the cough has settled down.

I can actually move my eyes without stabbing pain in my temples...that's a good thing, right?

Put make-up on and used a blow dryer on my hair....first time in 2 weeks.

I suppose my attitude will follow shortly, seems its still down in the funk, keeping company with fatigue.

Tomorrow...baby steps...first...a nap....yeah....that's it....a nap!
Photo Courtesy of Napping Guide

Or, maybe, I'll crawl out to the car, drive to Dutch Bros and get myself a hot Kicker. In an hour I will be filled with faux energy and my favorite mood enhancer. True, is will be chemical induced but dang gum, I am done with this knuckle-dranging funk and Vicks just isn't doing it for me!

To Do List:
Check Makeup
Dutch Bros
Call Mom and tell her I didn't die
(she was pretty sure I was going to!)

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