September 02, 2015

God Says

There is a sentiment shared in our world when bad things happen to good people. We often say to each other, "God never gives you more than you can handle."

Two weeks ago, my son told me he was going to put a sign on his desk at work that read:

"God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle
God Must Think I'm A Real Bad Ass!"

I'm getting that tattooed on my body somewhere so I can see it every day. I'm thinking God thinks our family and dear friends are filled with Bad-Ass Survivors.

It's like we've been hit by a crap load of stuff and though it's been over a short period of time, it feels as if 'fit hit the shan' all at once and it hit hard.

My dad was hospitalized with a severe case of Sepsis. If you know anything about sepsis, 87 year olds usually don't fare well with it. It was scary. Mom's reaction to it was scary. 

While Dad was hospitalized an uncle of my ex died in San Jose, a very dear man who had always treated me kindly. I truly loved him and am still good friends with his daughter.

Yesterday, my niece, who is 3 months pregnant, had an ultra sound to measure baby's progress. The baby is not alive. She was told to expect a miscarriage at any time. 

Also, yesterday morning, my mother's sister passed away. Talking to cousins and aunts and uncle this morning was immensely sad, especially when my father was in the hospital at the same time and is now home, safe and sound, better than ever.  

My brother just sent a note that the best English teacher in the world, Mr. Bill Tarr, passed away. My friend's father was admitted to the hospital last night and not expected to walk out.

The list goes on with other major/minor items that would depress me to suicidal depths, but surmise it to say, God thinks we can handle a lot!

Now, all things added up and as dark as it seems, our family is still extremely blessed. Everyone I talked to today exuded love. We are there for each other. We are strong. We have shoulders to lean on. 


A Chaplain came into Dad's room at the hospital to check on him his last night. My sister and I were sitting in the room. and had been there most of the four days he was hospitalized. 

The Chaplain greeted Dad by his name and expressed his joy that Dad was being discharged in the morning. Dad thanked him and then started to introduce 'his two daughters' to the Chaplain.  The Chaplain's smile grew wide and he said, "I've met your daughters and they are not well behaved!"

All I can say is that Bad Asses don't have to behave!


  1. I too have found my life to be a target for a crap load of stuff to hit in a short time. I am not sure God thinks I am a bad ass, but I like the idea. :) So sorry for your tough times.

  2. Susie, I am often astounded how tough times opens a door for us to also see our blessings and richness. I kind of like the idea that God thinks I'm a bad ass. I just don't know if I'm a bad ass on the defensive line or the offensive line!

    Maybe it's a sign of the times, but I hope the target moves away from you when the next crap load of stuff is launched!


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