October 17, 2015

Flash Writing

Gotta a friend who suggested a little Flash Writing exercise. Start with the alphabet and come up with a short (though not necessarily sweet) statement of philosophy beginning with each letter. He suggests starting with Z so anxiety over those difficult letters, Z, X and Q don't impede the flow.

Being one of the 'authority issue' people, I will begin with A. Nothing personal, just a long standing practice of swimming upstream, even, when in truth, it is floating with the current.

A: Advise not, less though be blamed for the results.

B: Bring the sheers in from the pergola prior to the first rain.

C: Caution is necessary when taking down the sheers for there be spiders in the folds.

D: Don't deny thyself cheesecake.

E: Everyone has a story. Listen, for it might be a good one.

F: Forever is really not that long if you are only twelve.

G:  Giggling is good for the soul and the heart.

H: Hate sucks.

I:  Imagination is most precious and should be exercised daily.

J:  Juicing is great and drinking greenish-brownish-orange stuff makes other people wrinkle their noses.

K: Knights in shining armor will eventually rust. Be your own hero.

L. Listen.

M. Moon observation opens doors, windows and portals to the hidden rooms of your mind.

N: "None shall pass"...sorry, just can't get too far away from Monte Python or Princess Bride.

O: Open your mind but trust to your intuition.....dang, can I go back and change my 'I' statement?

P: Pursue your dreams to their fullest expression. Perfection doesn't exist so don't sweat the little stuff.

Q: Quests are not just for ancient Greeks and shamans and don't require Argonauts, sailing ships or hallucinogenics.

R: Reasonable is often something some suggest you to be when they want you to abandon your values and do things their way.

S: Share your cheesecake with me. It's a good thing.

T: Truth and Time are relative.

U: Untied shoestrings look untidy and can trip you up. Be cautious of Used Car salesmen with double knots in their shoestrings.

V:  Vastness of the journeys and destinations your imagination and dreams can take you are without boundaries.

W: Whatever!

X: Xanthic whites of the eye can be a cause of alarm, call your doctor and put down the vodka.

Y: You are the only you you get, take care of you.

Z: Zest for life does not make it necessary nor wise to take every zip line offered to you.

Okay, it is time to go back to bed and listen to the rain and smell the joyful quenching of the soil's thirst. Thank's, Michael, for the fun exercise.


  1. This is a very cool exercise! You've produced some real little gems of wisdom here too. Of course, I detect a cheesecake theme as well . . . .

    1. Thank you. Writing and cheesecake, two of my favorite things!

  2. It was fun. As a read the post after Debra commented, I realized that prior to posting anything written in the wee hours of the morning should be corrected twice before hitting the publish button. I am adding an addendum to the letter "G".
    G: Grammar and spelling sucketh before dawn.

  3. The w surprised me in a funny way. M could also be, mmm cheesecake. | loved this.

    1. I was quoting a granddaughter with W! I can totally agree with you on M. the exercise was fun. Thank you.

  4. Isn't this a fun one? I loved "...there be spiders in the folds."

    1. It was fun. I also found a blogger who has 500 questions of the day that I use to keep in practice tapping away at the keyboard.


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