October 22, 2015

Out And About

While "out and about" this morning, I discovered a photo blog with some beautiful and haunting photos. (Confession: I was 'about' but hardly out. I was in my favorite jammies, sipping apple, carrot, ginger tea and surfing the web, but I was 'up' and that can be interpreted as 'out' in my book),

I use the term above because the site I stumbled upon is entitled, "Out and About - A Photographic Journey".

It included some very interesting photos, but one post really stands out. It is entitled "On The Track Of Snow."

The first four photos are incredibly peaceful yet haunting. I can feel the quiet surrounding me as I imagined myself sitting on a bench just behind the camera.

Further down the page is a photo of naked trees, picnic tables and benches here and there. I want to put my warm socks on and a good, thick jacket; won't forget my stocking cap and a good book. Maybe I'll haul a thermos of hot ginger, green tea and sit a spell to hold watch over the dormant trees while they sleep.

Beautiful photos to wrap one's imagination around.

I want to write a story about the little dock in the fog.


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