October 07, 2015

The Manton Apple Festival

There is a sweet, but dusty, little town east of Redding. Way east of Redding. There is a winding, twisty road running north/south between Highway 36 and Highway 44.

Don't eat a chili dog with onions prior to taking this road. We saw a couple of cars pulled off the the side leaving the Apple Festival confirming that consuming too much apple pie isn't a good idea prior to taking the drive. Funny, though, it was always the passenger that was bent over the side of the road.

The fair was filled with every-thing-apple that one can imagine. Apple pie, apple cookies, apple crumble, apple bread, apple earrings (yes, earrings) and even apples. Plain old apples, red and green.

Mountain music filled the air; banjos, fiddles, basses and guitars. The Mountain Messengers played excellent blue grass tunes, folk tunes and some of that good old religion songs. Their rendition of Fly, Fly Away, Oh Glory was inspiring. I would of joined in with the singing but my mouth was filled with homemade apple pie and ice cream.

Surprisingly, up in those mountains, at that little festival, I met people I haven't seen in years, at least one person from every decade since I've lived up here. People I've lost touch with, people I saw last week and made a new friend. (I couldn't not talk to her with her dreads and overalls!).

Two giant black horses pulled a wagon to the pure joy of the kids. The 8 year old boys didn't even mind standing in line for a ride, though I would say they stood in line. It was more like hopping and jumping in line but it was in line, never-the-less!

On the way home, taking the north bound twisty road to Highway 44 there is the most wonderful Thelma and Louise hump in the road. The car launches over the hump into who-knows-what. It is totally blind and at the right speed, one can catch a little air, if you know what I mean! But it takes several tries to get that perfect sail!

McCloud is hosting another Apple Festival this coming weekend and I'm jonesing for some hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  The drive isn't as much fun but playing Thelma and Louise more than once a month is probably irresponsible....or is it!


  1. "Fly, Fly Away, Oh Glory" is one of my most favourite old-timey hymns! You're right -- it's darn near impossible NOT to sing along with it!

    1. Spent a good portion of Sunday listening to O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack and sang my heart out. My poor husband, I am completely tone deaf!


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