February 24, 2018

Road Trip

Do you love road trips? I thrive on them.

Really don't know where it comes from, but I love driving alone! Primal screaming, top of the lung singing (totally off key and no one suffers!), audio books, making up stories about random drivers or houses as I pass.

Sunday, I pick up a friend who lives alone in the mountains, then we head to Ashland, Oregon. She is going to have a total knee replacement and, sadly, not many physicians or either hospital in Redding is trusted by any of us locals.

She needs to be at the hospital at 7 AM, so we're spending the night in Ashland. I love her dearly, but I can't imagine driving through the canyon at 3 AM, and, bless her heart, neither can she!

I'll stay at hospital until she's out of surgery then I jump into my chariot and drive to Portland to visit Julie!

Color me excited!

Julie, the best friend in the entire world, was my maid of honor when the Guy and I were married at Shasta Dam a million years ago. We have tickets to see Cheryl Strayed, of Wild and Brave Enough fame. Can you imagine hiking the Pacific Crest Trail by yourself?  I would love to tell you that I would hike it without a moment's hesitation if it wasn't for my bad knees but, sadly, that would be a big fat lie. Bears, Mountain Lions and a 70 lb pack...yeah, NO!

Depending on how Lyn progresses with her physical therapy, I will pick her up Wed or Thur on my way back home. Lyn will have some pretty heavy duty pain medication in her for the drive over the pass and through the canyon, so conversation may be minimal but there are those audio books. I don't care how medicated one is, I would never put them through the torture of my singing!

I gave my laptop to my grandson and his wife, so I will be able to read everyone's blogs while I'm gone, but won't be able to comment. I'm a little hesitant about putting too much info on my IPhone, so I can't post on my blog or comment on other blogs. Every time a prompt shows up on my cell asking for a password, I turn it off and say a prayer to the Tech Powers That Be to back off! I don't even have Messenger on my phone which is apparently a major sin to some!

The Guy is going to be in 7th heaven. He works with customers all day and has a commute of about 2 minutes! Before we moved to town, he had a good 25 minutes of down time before getting home. His days off are usually jam-packed, so, other than hanging out with my parents for a bit on Wednesday, he is going to have at least three evenings to do as he pleases, no pressure. He's acting like he's going to miss me...but we all know the truth, right?

As much as I love being with him, there are those times when being alone is more precious than gold or cheesecake!

Oh, the other part of that stupid promise I made to get out and be more adventurous...the weather predictions for days we will be headed over Siskiyou Pass are for snow and rain. Oh yeah, there is a huge climb heading north, or drop when heading south.
At least the highway is divided!

Just saying, there will wine at the hotel and probably a bag of Almond Joys (self medication) on the ride up!

Wish us luck. See you on the flip side! (p.s. to Martha. I'm praying there is no V-8 on the road!)


  1. You are a dear friend and hope that she cherishes you. Enjoy your road trip (which I agree is a wonderful thing that soothes the soul).

  2. "being alone is more precious than gold or cheesecake" - RAMEN, GIRL! have a safe trip!

  3. Wishing you a safe journey! Enjoy your road trip adventure!

  4. Safe travels! Enjoy the adventures. I LOVE road trips!


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