August 09, 2018


Sold Dad's new house today, well, at least, accepted an offer on it.

A married couple, 85 and 90, lost their home in the Carr fire. Beautiful home in the foothills near Old Shasta. They've had to stay in two area hotels since evacuation. Lost everything.

Escrows are not closing in the area until the Carr fire is 100% contained because insurance companies are refusing to grant policies. Our granddaughter has a stack of escrows on her desk that were ready to close the second day of our evacuation but insurance companies pulled the coverage on them all. Thank goodness she works for escrow company and not a real estate agent. She'll still get paid but lots of real estate agents tightening their belts this month (and maybe more).

Full asking price, cash offer, and asked to include all furnishing. They'll be renting it until escrow closes. They move in tomorrow!


Weird saying good-bye to the house as I signed the offer and handed over the keys. Dad was only in it for two months but it was a powerful two months. Incredibly emotional memories in almost every square inch.

Incredible isn't it, that there is so much 'business of death'? Bankers, notaries, more bankers, brokerage firms, real estate, mortuary, cemetery, Veterans Administration, Social Security, etc.


Being made Trustee is not necessarily a good thing! Unless, maybe, one can make an appointment with the universe for occasional hours to just grieve!

Fire Update: 47% Contained. Air quality still unhealthy. Lots of people wearing masks, not enough children wearing masks. Red eyes, coughs and sneezes are everywhere. Many of the evacuations are being lifted and re-population going on. Hotels still full from Sacramento to Yreka. Lots and lots of pets being found and rescued. Community coming together and feeding the firefighters, helping each other out. Looters not being tolerated so everyone watching out for each other's homes. (Lots of CCW's in area, we are a Red County in a Blue State, so many potential looters pissing in their pants!).

#Redding Strong


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Cannot imagine going through that let alone going through it at 85 and 90. Clearly they have means which is great. I always thing of the folks who, when they have lost everything, have really lost everything. In our big fire it was a whole lot of above average income homes who, which you would expect, to be well insured. But there was also an entire large apartment complex. People who were of moderate income and probably had little to no insurance. Very little to fall back on. Heartbreaking either way though.....

    1. I can't imagine the stress and anguish this couple must be going through. Hard enough to pack and move, but to lose a lifetime of things must be horrendous. It is indeed heartbreaking.

  2. So sad for that couple at their age. It must be quite trying. At least they found a new place to live and be comfortable in. Hopefully the move won't be too stressful for them.


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