August 14, 2018

No breathing today...again!

Air quality was 336 this morning even though last night at midnight it actually dropped to 78. Drop was probably due to high winds; good for air, not so good for fires.

A contractor is going in to the folks house on the river. We're having the interior painted, the old carpet pulled and new flooring installed.

I'm still working on painting kitchen cabinets; then on to bathroom cabinets.

Sunday, The Guy and I went in and packed and packed more 'stuff' to clear the garage so that we can move the little bit of furniture left in the house into garage. Then we pulled down all the drapes, drapery rods, nails in walls and the last shelf in the house. Funny how bright and open a house is without heavy window coverings! Mom and Dad had all the drapes custom made for maximum warmth and privacy. Man, they were heavy!

Did well, with only three or four complete melt downs. Weird how grief just jumps up and slaps you!

Working on a couple of press releases for a radio interview show that I do research for. Two really interesting guest coming up. One is teacher of the year who just happens to be a music director and the conductor/director of our local symphony; both incredibly interesting men. Meeting with the show host and music director on Thursday. Really looking forward to it though, to be honest, I'd rather stay in bed and read a good book or maybe just pretend to read a good book!

Weird how much alone time a grieving introvert needs to recharge the batteries. Where is that frickin' little energizer bunny when he's needed?


  1. Hi Toni - well it's good things are moving along - equally Thursday will be inspiring for you and give you something else to think about ... take care and life will ease. Cheers Hilary

    1. It's going to be a good meeting.

      By the way, air quality this morning is 78! We can see blue skies! Yay!

  2. I never really thought about the difference of the grief process for introverts and extroverts. As an into. I went deep inside myself and needed to be so alone. I used car time to my advantage still in school at the time. It helped a lot. Quiet, warmth and nothing to distract my thoughts or the release of the sorrow. 10 years in, I still grieve and occasionally still need a good cry. I don't have to be alone to do it anymore.

    Sweet peace to you walk your way through this. So glad you have PEOPLE at your side. You know? Not people...they are everywhere but PEOPLE who love and care and kinda understand.

    1. I do have PEOPLE and am truly blessed to have them.

      I'm not sure introverts process grief differently from extroverts, but I do know that being alone is our standard for recharging. There is not a lot of 'alone' time that isn't filled with business, trusts, houses, planning memorial, cancelling memorial and rescheduling memorial,and then there is 'evacuating'!

      My mother's sisters have all kind of adopted my sis and I. They and many loving friends call and check on us often (OFTEN), which is wonderful but exhausting.

      Just realized, I've been trying to be strong (for them)! Maybe they've all figured I'm hiding my emotions! Thanks, Linda. Epiphany!

  3. You have gone through so much the past few months. My heart goes out to you.

    1. Thank you, but good news, blue skies this morning.

  4. My mom died when i was 13 and it still is with me in waves.

    1. My husband lost his Dad at 18 and still has his moments. ((hugs)) back at you!

  5. you are quite busy dear Toni!

    glad you managed to create some space for stuff in you garage !

    i agree that heavy sheet give warmth and privacy but once you remove them for washing ,the whole open new look give you peace

    it's been almost 7 years i lost my mom and 6 years to my father yet each time when phone bell rings i feel that mom is calling ,my intuitions contemplate over the memories belong to time when i was with them and life was so LIGHT and CAREFREE

    hope fires are under control and air if free of smoke to breath with ease
    i learnt LOT by listening the interviews of establish successful people who did great in life and this learning is treasure

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