December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Our great-granddaughter. Photo Courtesy of Nicole Chelonis Photography

 Just returned from Dutch Bros with a large hot Kicker (hot espresso with Irish Cream flavor). In honor of Christmas Eve, I asked for whipped cream. Shh, don't tell my doctor! She's not a fan of dairy...or meat....or cheese!

My tasks for the day are short and sweet! Peel and slice a small herd of apples (or would that be a bushel?).  Roll out some pie dough and bake an apple pie.  Wrap presents, water the Christmas tree, kick back and wait for that handsome husband of mine to come home.

Pandora is playing Christmas music. House is cozy. I'm amazingly content. The next 8 days will be filled with my kids and grandchildren, snow, birthday parties and games! My granddaughters will help me make pancakes; we'll sneak cookie dough when the adults go to bed and play black jack at the kitchen table when the parents are out and about!

My parents will be here to share the joy (and chaos).

It's a good day to be happy!

Merry Christmas to you all.


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