December 12, 2014


Storm of the year came in yesterday. Not storm of the year for the world or even the United States. We didn't get 6 feet of snow in 8 hours, our rivers didn't over flow their banks, nor did large sections of houses fall into holes.

We just got a lot of rain and a lot of wind.

My folks saw the river from their patio for the first time in a couple of years. It was the opposite bank which is low and stretches out. Their bank is steep and the water line is not threatening in any way. The did get a little flooding in garage from the deluge and they were without power.

Scary not being able to get in touch with your aging parents during a big storm. The phone was finally answered and my mom joyfully announced that she could see the river. For them, seeing the river means there is water in their well again! Worried I ask how it was without power; how are they now?

"Oh, honey," she says, happy that I asked, "We are eating warm rolls fresh out of the oven, drinking our coffee and watching a movie!"

On the other hand, I don't live on a dangerous river in the boonies. I live in a neighborhood protected by a couple of tall hills. In spite of the protective cover, I lost about 35 feet of fence.

Two of my dogs discovered the downed fence before I did. They decided to inform the rest of the neighbors before sharing the important information with me.  I tracked them down, eventually. Bless their little souls, they went in two different directions and stayed off of the sidewalks, choosing to stay in the muddy passages. I don't blame them, sometimes I choose to do the same, though not in 40 mile an hour winds and driving rain. They brought some of the mud home with them; most staying on my car seats rather than accompanying the boys into the house.

Luckily we have a supply of lumber on the side of the house. I waded through the puddles and mud into the neighbors yard (they weren't home) and stood the fence up, bracing it with 4x4's and 2x4's here and there.

Do you know how much a water sodden fence weighs?  Do you know that I have two young football players living with me. One offensive lineman and a defensive lineman, both in the 300+ weight category and both bragging just the night before about how much weight they can lift and bench press! Guess who wasn't home when the fence needed lifting?

Looks like the roof suffered some damage too, at least, the shingles in our yard match our roof better than the houses on either side.

Good news is. Found the dogs, Mom and Dad are cozy and dry and I get to buy a new pair of shoes. Does it get any better?

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