December 10, 2014


As an artist and photographer, I tend to observe people, look for shapes and textures in the mundane and focus on color, shadow and contrast.

Having said that, I have to admit that I am also an accomplished day dreamer. Someone observing me might think I am staring at a subject when I am actually climbing the steep trail to Machu Piccu in my mind.

My husband and a good friend are toddlers in adults' bodies. Like youngsters, they have serious cases of neophilia. They are walking, talking observation decks! Sighting "something new" floats their boats.

Spotting a new species of bird sizzles my husband's bacon! Discovering a new "photo-op" cocoas his cola!

Finding a new kayak-worthy tributary or lake for my friend really toots his horn! If you want to butter his biscuit, introduce my friend to a new word not already in his consummate vocabulary.
(sorry, couldn't help my weight it's hard to stop when I'm on a roll).

Most of us are specialists in tunnel vision! Don't deny it! When was the last time you drove down your street and noticed the shapes of houses or patterns in the pavement?  Even those days when you decide to take a different route home, are you really noticing the "newness" of the journey or just patting yourself on the back for climbing out of your routine (and it it really a new route or is it your go-to alternative?)

I was sitting in a parking lot yesterday, a shopping center lot that I have parked in a hundred times.  The building is long, holds a large grocery store, a big-box store and maybe 10 small businesses. The building leans on the yellow side of beige. When I looked up I realized it was a maze of triangles, squares and several rectangles. If the gaudy neon signs and the "For Lease" flyers were gone it would be a beige kind of way.

Go outside today and look around. What have you seen so many times that it has become invisible? Visit your living room and rediscover the unobserved! If cob webs reveal themselves to you, don't knock them down until you notice their rhythm as the hot air rises and cooler air falls in the room.

Who knows what you might find! And, yeah, you could probably take a dust cloth with you...I know that I am.

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