March 02, 2016

BookClub Extrodinaire

Open Confession:  I didn't finish the book we were supposed to read for book club meeting last night.

Group Consciousness: Non of the other women finished the book either.  We all basically stopped at the end-ish of the third chapter. It was a non-fiction. We thrive on non-fiction and typically only read one novel every quarter but we just couldn't wrap our brains around this one book.

BUT....the book inspired one of the best get-togethers ever! The conversation last night was absolutely the deepest, diversified, reflective, authentic....not enough adjectives to describe it.

We laughed, we cried! Our voices got loud and excited and, at times, we almost whispered.

There was, at times, a sense of reverence in the room, enfolding us in an ambiance of the Divine participating, or at least observing!

More moments that I would like to admit, I am hoping the Divine went out for a walk! Women can take conversation to so many levels....oh, men, if you only knew!!!

At the end of the evening, someone mentioned auras. Two of us had experience seeing auras, two had not. We decided to look at auras. First try, J, who had never seen an aura, saw the aura around her hand; a glowing blue and yellow around all the fingers and a soft pink down the side of her pinkie finger, wrist and headed up her arm.

We showed them how our auras will connect and stretch out, much like silly putty (OMG, did I just age myself?)

The aura around my hand and between my fingers was a soft blue turning to purple, the shade gradually getting deeper.

Have you ever tried seeing or feeling your aura? Have you seen other people's auras?

p.s.  we were sober! 


  1. What book were you reading? Personally, I've never seen an aura but I'm not all that energetically sensitive.

    1. Eckart Tolle's New Earth. We had all read his Power of Now years ago and liked it, this new book has a whole different tone to it. Same idea but somehow felt as if he was talking down to the stupid little people. Weird, but it was a vibe we all got.

      Auras are pretty easy to see around your own hands or feet. With a solid, neutral background (white or beige wall) and a low light lamp to the side. You can hold your hand about two feet from wall. Loosen your focus and you may see a slight outline of your fingers. If you put your other hand, finger tips to finger tips and slowly pull apart you may see the aura stretching from hand to hand.

      Easier to feel aura. Hold hand up and take other hand as if you were grabbing the aura from the ends of fingers and gently pull. You can kind of feel the energy being drawn through the fingers.

      It's fun and very interesting.


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