March 01, 2016

It's Okay Tuesday!

Can I just say...I am so happy it is It's Okay Tuesday!

Remember Airing My Laundry? She hosts and promotes a wonderful day of Tuesday Okays.  I didn't think it would get here fast enough this week but now, at 2:19 a.m., I can't remember my list of  Okays that I was in such dire need of airing! (which possibly means they are, truly, okay!)

Wait....I feel the items wrestling out of the deep recesses of my mind and slowly revealing themselves. Is it possible these little events and thoughts hide out until they are given the nod to come out in the light of day?

IT'S OKAY that I skipped juicing last night and ate chicken grandson makes the best and just the smell of them beat out the thought of one more cup of beet, spinach, carrots, bell pepper and kale juice.

IT'S OKAY that the UPS guy places the boxes on the welcome mat, rings the door bell and runs for his truck in fear of the ferocious sound of vicious dog behind the red door.

IT'S OKAY that Rex pretends to be a ferocious dog when the UPS guy comes to the door. He's fair about it, he pretends to be ferocious to all other biases on his part. He loves to scare everyone!

IT'S OKAY that Rex has been chasing the big fat squirrel in our back yard. That squirrel has confiscated 80% of the bird seed...and despite it being Tuesday, squirrels consuming food meant for the birds is not okay!

IT'S OKAY that I didn't get my book read in time for tonight's book club meeting. (Sidenote: Wed. A.M.  Bookclub was Tuesday night and none of us finished it...but it inspired one of the best meetings EVER!)

IT'S OKAY it is now 2:35 and I have an 8 a.m. business meeting across town...there is enough coffee  to keep me awake once I get to the meeting.

IT'S OKAY that I didn't blog for three days. (p.s. I don't really believe that. I'm just trying to convince myself).

IT'S OKAY that I just love all of the friends I've made in blog-land. You are all the best. You make me want to live a a small village in England and Wales and Ireland. You make me want to journal more, cook more and create more art. You make me want to create my own little world and photograph the citizens doing their thing!  You make me want to slap Trump, Rubio and Cruz, well, I kind of wanted to do that on my own, but you all give me the courage to imagine the sting on the palm of my hand and wish I had made a fist instead!

Oh year, IT'S OKAY that I want to punch Trump, Rubio and Cruz...."To the moon, Donald!"


  1. Replies
    1. My dad always said if a man is worthy of respect, a punch is called for. For the others, only a slap will do! Trump is definitely slap-worthy.

  2. I live an OK life, because it is OK to do that.

    Punch away!

  3. Hahahahaha, give 'em all a good slap for me too!

    1. I'll slap twice. Forward - for me, backhand - for you!!!

  4. Yum chicken enchiladas!
    Can I join you on the Trump punch? :)

    1. Chicken enchiladas and a group punch for all!!!!

  5. Yes, I love the people I've "met" while blogging.

    Mm, I'd have to take a break from juicing to have enchiladas too.

    Ugh, Donald Trump...don't get me started.

    1. Bloggers make the world connect! Love it!

  6. Hahaha...I could just imagine the UPS guy running!

    And it's absolutely okay about the slapping. Upside the head.

    1. I just reread the post! Man, you can tell I was almost asleep! Needs so fine tuning!

      Rex can sound pretty ferocious when he wants!


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