March 11, 2016

But Friday's Should Be.....

Friday morning. Two business calls, answering emails and trying to make contact (again) with could-be key player!

11:05 and I'm ready to blow veins in my head! I just had to commit to 36 pages by March 22. In between calls and emails and watching my granddaughter drive by in the Driver's Training car, I have researching Teen suicides, youth disenfranchisement, Godparenting Roles and Responsibilities.

It's crazy busy but it's also cold, raining cats and dogs, wind gusting....shouldn't I be under a nice quilt, sipping a cup of hot tea and reading a great mystery or thriller? At least, snug in a dark theater watching a good movie while the pitter-patter of the death of a drought dances on the roof.

Are any of you familiar with a Marvel Comic's hero, Dead Pool?  I wasn't until about two weeks ago when one of my teenage granddaughters told me she was going to see Dead Pool at midnight opening with her mom.

The next day she said it was awesome and hilarious.

She spent Wednesday night here with us and yesterday was just like today...rain, dark, cold. We had some great conversation. She is a genius, was in college instead of high school in her freshman year! She has the family sense of humor...which is a dark, techie and a little twisted.

So, after lunch, I asked her if she wanted to go see a movie with me? The night before I saw a trailer for a little animated film about dinosaurs living on when the BIG METEOR missed earth...different dimension?

Silly Nana said, "Want to see a movie. I didn't see anything appealing except for......."

"Dead Pool! Dead Pool! Dead Pool! Dead Pool!" She cheered on!

What I knew about Dead Pool:  Ryan Reynolds (I love Ryan Reynolds)
                                                    Make-up - his took hours to apply
                                                    A neoprene superhero costume.

What the hell! I told her to call her mom and make sure it's okay that I keep her a couple of extra hours....her dad had instructed an early return to get chores and homework done.

He mom (my daughter) said sure, have a good time!

Not, "Let me talk to Nana!" followed by "Mom, do you know what you are getting yourself in for?"

No, none of that! Just, 'sure, have a good time!"

We went. Great seats. Thursday afternoon so only 12 or so people in the theater.

Roll post credits. Evil British villain, Moody Teen, Asshats!

Good chuckles.

And then....language, nudity, sexual content, violence, did I say language?

During the "Love" scene, my granddaughter said, "This is where I step out for a couple of minutes, I don't need to see this."

During the more bloody scenes, she advised me "Don't look, Nana!"   Hearing "thunk...splat"....

"Okay, you can look now."  or "Not yet, Nana...(more incredibly telling sound effects)....Okay, now!"

Don't tell anyone, but I loved it! (mostly)


  1. Hahahahahaha, you walked right into Deadpool's trap!

    1. What can I say? My grandkids have me wrapped!

  2. HEHEHE! An experience you will remember for awhile :)

    1. And laugh about for a long time to come!


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