January 25, 2018

Shameless O'Leery's

Robin, Diane and I have decided on our own little  'supper club'!  Mostly just getting together for  Happy Hour once a month and, hey, might as well eat while were there!

First night, Shameless O'leery's!

Killer garlic fries! Incredible Blue Burger, blue for blue cheese and maybe blue ribbon winner!

I ordered a Gin & Tonic, then Diane ordered a Whiskey. Duh! I'm at "Redding's Only True Irish Pub" and I didn't order a Jameson! What the hell was I thinking?

Next time! Jameson with pint of 805!



  1. A gin & tonic at an Irish pub? I'm surprised no one chased you out of there with a shillelagh!


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