January 27, 2018

Sometimes Silence Is Best

Worked really hard yesterday. Painted and cut in the top half of master bedroom, cut in lower half.

Back hurt, arm sore, hair in pony tail with fly-away ends,  just tired from painting...and it rained all day.

The Guy decided he would make dinner when he got home.

I sat at the bar watching him. He chopped Rosemary for sweet potato fries, sliced cherry tomatoes for a salad.

"I like watching you cook!" I commented, leaning on the counter.

"Oh yeah, why?" he responded.

"Because you're so handsome!"

He smiled. "I like looking at you!"

"Oh yeah! Why?" I asked.

"Beeeeecause you're smart!"

Funeral is Wednesday! I'm gonna miss him!


  1. so sorry that you have to work so hard dear Toni!

    pain and soreing must be exhausting , i think you should take it easy as heath comes first if you feel fit and fresh all the arrangements will make you feel happy otherwise you will feel bad no matter how good looking is your surroundings because all belongs to our inside feelings ,nothing comes from around

    please take care and rest well

    how sweet of your hubby to make you dinner and responding to your flirting so nicely :)

    1. Baili, you are so sweet. I love painting my house and making changes. Pain in my arm is just left over soreness from shoulder surgery, thankfully it is my left shoulder and I do most painting with right arm! Being tired just means I worked hard and did a good job. Be assured that I take breaks and do take good care of myself. No worries!

      I complained in post just to make a point of how "not handsome" I was at the moment!

      The Guy is pretty thoughtful. He cooks dinner and breakfast often! (and he is handsome!)

  2. Replies
    1. Some times more adorable than at other times!



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