March 31, 2013

Can I Say Something?

I play on Facebook pretty regularly. I check to see what my family is up to; how grandchildren are doing in softball, soccer, school, work. I visit with cousins who are states away, some cousins I've never even met but tickles me to know that they are there.

Each day there are some pretty informative posts on lots of negative things going on in the world today, but some posts are ugly and some posts are just mean. There is a general concensus that "the other guys" are evil and stupid and "gonna get us!"

At least daily one of my "friends" either posts or "likes" a post that talks about the kids today. It's a little like Socrates statement about kids, "They have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect to their elders.......they contradict their parents....tyrants to their teachers...." and on and on.

Guess what people? Kids don't raise themselves! The kids learned all that bad behavior from their parents teaching or lack of teaching. They learn it from observations or just from feeling in the way or unwanted.

Sometimes, you, yes, youm the adult, can make a difference in a kid's life. You can set an example. You can be kind, you can be honest, you can put your book or your Iphone or your video game down and talk, or better yet, you can listen.  You can read them a story...and don't skip any pages or paragraphs. You can just take them for walks and talk about birds and trees and clouds or whatever they want to talk about.

When another adult walks into the room you can stand and acknowledge them and then introduce them to your kids. You can tell your kid or a kid how proud you are of them. You can ask them a question about themselves and actually listen to the response.

I am reading a book, The Gift of Fear. The author states that out of some miscellaneous number of fatherless boys or boys who are abused by their dads over 47% find themselves in prison within 10 years of study!  Do you know how much a boy or young man needs to be recognized, to be treated with kindness and honor.

The other thing most of those FB posts say is that the teenagers today don't treat adults with respect. Guess what adults? Kids today recognize people who don't deserve respect and sometimes, act on it.

Maybe instead of complaining about the kids nowadays you could take one under your wing and help them be one of those kids that is invisible to complaining, negative adults!

Gratitude Journal, March 31, 2013
I am thankful for rain.
I am thankful for cherry slices and a man who will drive all over town to find them for you!
I am thankful for the Eucharist.
I am thankful for green, all the new shades of green outside my windows today.

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