March 27, 2013


Wednesday. Not a bad day, all in all.

I feel like my life has been like a really long convoluted novel, twists, turns and drama. In the past couple of weeks some of the story lines are finally making sense. I'm discovering that the protagonist in the story (that would be me) rose above some pretty big obstacles, has developed some serious, some comical and some down-right psycho defenses and coping mechanisms. Stumbling was a big part of the action, but I always got back up and I never stumbled without learning something from the fall, the scrapes and regaining my footing.

Funny, in discovering my vulnerability, I have discovered my strengths.  In discovering my weaknesses I have discovered my backbone.

This week people have impacted me in ways I would never have been open to just months ago, the walls are down and without the barriers my sight and hearing are highly attuned.

Gratitude Journal, March 27, 2013
I am thankful for my daughter Nicole. For her intelligence, her humor, her wisdom and her honesty.
I am so thankful that she is my daughter and for the last two conversations we have shared.
I am thankful for my son Adam. For his intelligence, his humor, his in site and his wisdom.
I am thankful that he is my son and for the conversation we had this week.
I am thankful for my son John. For his intelligence, his humor, his wisdom.
I am looking forward to a good conversation in the near future. oh, and happy birthday, my first born child, I am thankful you are my son.
I am thankful for the truth my brother shared with me this week and the validation of that truth from Nicole.
I am thankful that God did not give up on me or let me give up on myself.

I am thankful for the back bone and vulnerability that gives me the strength to own my truth.

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