March 29, 2013


The kitchen cabinet didn't even see it coming. I snuck up on it with garbage bags, storage bag and box. I sat on the floor in front of the sink and slowly, slyly inched my way over and casually opened the door. Then I POUNCED!

I pulled things out of there that I haven't seen since we moved in 10 years ago.  It's a corner cabinet so very difficult to reach the "way back".  I wanted a lazy susan or whatever those swingy things are called so I could reach the stuff in back but we were remodeling the whole kitchen, everything including ceiling, walls, gas lines, pantry and lights.  The swingy things were not in the budget!
(I will post a little story about budgets at our house one day. My husband spells it capital B, capital U, capital D,G,E,T and genuflects when he says it, I spell it Butt-Jet and try not to ever think of it, let alone say it!)

Our youngest grandchild is going to be 9 in December, I found three baby bottles and two bottle warmers. I found 12 tops to sippy cups and 32 different Glad disposable containers, mostly the red-top ones but several blue top ones and 1 purple top.

I found a Wok, I've always wanted one of those! I found enough empty jars that my canning mother-in-law will love me forever!

My citrus juicer was back there, I bought that about 40 years ago to make fresh orange juice and lemonade. Before you assume that I am a really good-earth-mother healthy person to make our orange juice and lemonade fresh everyday, I need to inform you that we had our own profusely bountiful orange tree and I really, really, really loved Harvey Wallbangers back then!

I found two coffee grinders. One for herbs and spices and one for coffee!  What a score! I am bringing them out and putting them in the pantry where they will be accessible!

Hiding in that cabinet was one lone thermos and 11 water or coffee traveling mugs, some give-aways at fund raisers, some from far away exotic places (yeah, right) and one was my very favorite Dutch Bros travel mug.  We were very excited to be reunited!

Years ago I gave all my orphan tupperware lids away but found two that had avoided the great plastic-lid crusade. I applaud their courage and tenacity and have declared them both Knights Templar of Petroleum Byproducts and have granted them safe haven

I found an electric sandwich maker! Not a modern and highly coveted Panini maker but a little machine that looks like a waffle maker but when you open it the griddle irons are square shaped with a bar cutting the square into a triangle.  Intriguing! I can't remember who gave it to me or when I got it but I am definitely picking up some pastrami and provolone and seeing if it works for a different shaped panini! I would do it today but its Good Friday and my husband would be very irritated if I made meat for dinner. I wonder if Panini's can be made with Talupia and how does talupia taste with longhorn cheddar?

So, jars to mom-in-law, baby bottles (without nipples) to garage sale box.  Do I save a couple of sippy cup lids for visitors who bring little ones or for friends who are so drunk they keep spilling their martinis. 

What do I do with all that room? The Mixer will go back in, the wok (but up front so I remember I have it), maybe the steamer can be moved from the pantry to make room for more Dr. Pepper!

A couple of more cabinets to clean and then on to the laundry room (see me shiver).

Therapy is not only doing wonders for me mentally and emotionally but as I clear out the garbage in my head I find myself de-cluttering my home!  Stay tuned for Garage Sale!!!

Gratitude Journal: March 29, 2013
I am thankful for the little babies who were in my home that made those bottles, bottle warmers and sippy cups necessary.
I am thankful for the scent of lilacs in my bedroom from the bushes outside.
I am thankful for watermelon flavored gum.
I am thankful that C.S.B. is out of the picture, dodged a bullet there!!!
I am thankful for validation.


  1. Hey, if you're not going to use the wok...
    And really - Dr. pepper? Ew!

  2. I drink green tea, my grandson, however, lives on Dr. Pepper and he is 21. I would much rather supply him with Dr. Pepper than have him fill the pantry or fridge with beer or hard liquor. He's a good dude.

  3. Give him Jones Soda.
    And seriously, can I have the wok?


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