March 21, 2013

"The Gift Of Fear"

Before I was raped, as I was walking down the sidewalk to hell, something told me to go back to the car. Something warned me that there was danger ahead.

I was 9 years old and didn't know that I had free will. I thought that when an adult tells you to do something, especially an aunt or uncle that you sure as hell better do it. Even though my family is very intuitive, even psychic, we were never taught to trust our intuition and to stand our ground as children.

My therapist told me to read a book, The Gift of Fear.  This book should be a gift to every young woman who is about to leave home and live on her own. Parts of it should be read to every girl (and boy) who leaves the house alone, or takes out the trash or just answers the door.

It talks about not only trusting your intuition but reassures you that you are aware of the "signs" of violence. It reminds you to be aware of your surroundings, the actions of the people around you.  It teaches a women that when some nice man comes up to offer help and you say "no thank you' but he insists, the book teaches you how to say "NO" with a strength and power that tells him he doesn't want to mess with you.

It also teaches you, that when you say no and that "nice, friendly man" insists, he is usually up to no good.

Get the Book. Read it. Depending on the age of your daughters buy it for them or read parts of it to them.

Do It Now!

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