March 28, 2013

Start With Ten

Jacqueline, my world-traveler, big-city, sister-in-law started a group on FaceBook a couple of months ago. She entitled it something like "Begin with 10" or "Start with 10".

She invited us to do something new and do it at least 10 times each day. 10 sit ups. 10 jumping jacks, walk for 10 minutes. The choices were endless, just start something.

My goal was to write 10 paragraphs a day.  I love to write and I have been working on two books for years. One book was with a dear friend, a man who I met when I was 20 and really considered him one of my closest friends. The book was about how our thoughts and beliefs help define our reality.  The book is actually finished as far as the first draft, but my friend was of eastern European descent so the sentence structure is a little difficult for the average American reader, even the woowoo ones!

We were diligently working on the book when my friend had a stroke. Pretty devasting for him. He was 80 but more robust than most men in the 50's. He celebrated each moment of life. When he had the stroke the Dr.'s informed him that their was another something in his brain that could go anytime or could go away.  He killed himself before a second stroke could prevent him from being in charge of his own life.  My heart broke and I haven't been able to touch the manuscript, let alone edit it. Maybe it's time.

The other book I have been working on my own. It is a "sort of" owner's manual for girls from the age of 9 to 15 or so.  My intent is to let girls know that they are the Captain of their ship. Ship being the key word for body, thoughts, life, etc.

Jacqueline made the proposal of "start with 10" while I was staying with my sister Sherree for a week or two of R&R. I made the goal of 10 paragraphs per day and have found myself sometimes exceeding 10 pages a day, sometimes only a page or two but never just 10 paragraphs.

So that has been a couple of months and now I am ready to add a new 10 to my daily agenda.  I was thinking I might make a goal of spending 10 more minutes in bed every morning but since retiring I find that I already spend an extra hour or so in bed reading every morning. Ten more minutes in bed is out!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said (or so, they say she did), "Do something everyday that scares you!"

I am 62 and I have just recently come to the discovery that everyday of my life I have done something that scared me...breathing, living, walking out the front door, etc.  I am done doing things that scare me (sorry Mrs. Roosevelt) but I am excited to do something every day that excites me or pleases me or just makes me smile.

Today I add to my daily start-with-ten to call or visit with a friend or family member or neighbor at least 10 minutes a day.  I have been a little detached from the world-at-large lately and have a lot of catching up to do. I am making a promise to myself that the hour I spend with my therapist one day a week will not count. I will still seek someone out to share a little of myself and find out a little about them.

Now, (tapping my fingers on the mouse pad) who is first?

Gratitude Journal March 28, 2013
I am thankful for cool cloudy days.
I am thankful for my lilacs and the wonderful scent that fills my yard and bedroom.
I am thankful for music and that the soul can dance while the body sits at a desk and types.
I am thankful for the kids at Dutch Bros that let Rex know they are excited to see him and give him a doggie bone (or two).
I am thankful for the man my grandson Cole is becoming. He is amazing in so many ways.

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