August 24, 2013

Anxiety 101

Do you know any of those people who have something really serious going on, usually health issues, but they don't want to worry you, so they make light of it.

They tell you a little bit, just a little bit, of what the doctor told them. Make a joke about it and then move on...

Later in the conversation they ask you a question. Seemingly innocent. What does______________ mean?  You explain it to them. You get a little nervous.

Later in the conversation they ask you a bigger question. Still seemingly innocent. What happens in an ___________?  You get a little more nervous.

You ask a question back and get not-too-much, if you know what I mean.

Later in the conversation, looks are exchanged, someone starts to cry and leaves the room.

You feel like you're a Rubbernecker. You're being directed to move on, "nothing to see here, folks." You don't want to be invasive. You give them a hug goodbye and on the way home you are imagining the worst, at least you think it's the worst.

You get home, you look up some of the stuff and then you really start to worry because your imagination never got to the worst according to Internet University.  You pace. You yell at your husband. You yell at the dog.  You worry a little more. You worry a lot more. Then you take a xanax and tell yourself you are going to call them in the morning and demand some answers. Screw Invasive. Right to Privacy is out the window!

Do you know any of those people?

Yeah, me, too!


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