August 08, 2013

Just Because You Have A Camera?

Fuzzy is good for teddy bears and slippers but NOT wedding photos! Get a professional!
When my husband and I were married, just this side of the dark ages, we thought we would save some money, so we asked around for a family member to be our wedding photographer.

We found someone! His only redeeming quality? He owned a camera. Our wedding was gorgeous. The wedding ceremony, the incredible backdrop, the momentous ride to the reception and the reception were magic. Magic!

One of the most beautiful and divine moments in our lives and we have two photos worth enlarging and framing...YET, the quality of both photos are so bad, the largest we could print was a 5x7 and it is fuzzy...a little like a very bad Monet!

The photographer was from my husband's side of the family so we have 35 bad photos of his side of the family and two of my side of the family.

My personal recommendation! Serve hot dogs and hamburgers, let Auntie Mae bake the cake, but hire a professional photographer to memorialize YOUR day!

Engagement pictures for your "save the date" cards, maternity and newborn portraits, senior portraits; you need someone who knows what they are doing.

And not just any photographer...hire someone who will talk to you, learn your likes and dislikes, make you look your very best, someone who is an artist as well as a technician.

Call Nicole Chelonis Photography, you will be so happy you did, especially in 30 years, when you have something beautiful to look back on and reignite those glorious memories.

She excels in Children's Portraits. She has a real gift with capturing their real personalities.

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