August 03, 2013

Most Popular Words On The Telly

What would be your guess for the most used word or phrase on television?

I don't mean the inflammatory or contentious verbiage of Diane Sawyer and her ilk. You know, that string of melodramatic adverbs added to every action meant to ssssttttrrrrreeeeeeeettttcccchhh one's imagination to think and feel the most agitated or fearful or disgusted that one can feel. The question does not include the inflammatory adjectives used to describe the proper nouns the journalists (and I use that word loosely) seem to believe we want to know the most about, such as Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Kate Middleton and Beyonce.

My question is much more mundane.

Every hour long program on television has about 20 minutes worth of advertisement.

In between the attorneys promoting unlimited potentials for lawsuits, there are those cheap adds, probably filmed in someone's garage. You know, the ones that show their product and how easy, efficient, effective, and essential it is.  Then they show you someone using the "other" product...after that person has apparently consumed a fifth of Jack Daniels because I know if you can't close a zip lock bag or put your sweaters in your closet then, sure as hell, you can't touch your nose or walk a straight line!

Then the announcer informs you how costly the indispensable merchandise should be! (Cue the volume) In spite of how valuable it is you don't have to pay this-99, or even that-99; you can purchase the wonder-product for only something-or-other-99 (plus shipping and handling).

"BUT WAIT, if you call in the next 2, 5 or 10 minutes you can blah blah blah blah for free, just pay the extra shipping and handling."

But wait, you may be a fan of one of the many reality tv shows that cranks up the suspense, music builds, the announcer asks you, the audience, what, who, where, whatever is going to happen. Who is getting tossed out on their tush? What happened when the contestant chose case number 12?  Who lost the most weight or performed the best Tango? We're waiting...we're waiting...we're waiting........."BUT FIRST, this message"...cut to commercial.

We have become a BUT culture! 

And thank god for that! Without the BUTs in our lives, when would we pee, let the dog out or pour that glass of wine?

Let's hear it for the BUTs!


  1. But, what's the most used word?

  2. But, I bet you've got a good idea what it could be!


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