August 29, 2013

What Has Happened To Us?

VMA's. The Video Music Awards.  I heard someone say yesterday that the "VMA's are like the Emmy's on Meth".

My husband and I went to the mountains to photograph the incredible clouds and vistas. When we came home we were busy cropping and tweaking the pics we got.

Little did we know that we were missing the Event of the Month!  Apparently, another one of the Disney girls is rebelling over her "good girl" image and made some raunchy move while dressed like one of the hookers on the corner of Market and Ellis.

Our world is full of major Headline-Making news. Syria, Rowanda, Montana, Mid-West Drought! What gets headlines?  Brittany, Lindsay and now, Miley.

You might ask "why do these spoiled little rich girls acting out get so much attention?"'s managing editor, Meredith Artley,  authorized the article about VMA's pole dance without the pole to be the lead story, placed in the same position she gave the devastating 9-11 headlines and the tragic Boston Marathon events.  Why? Because people want to see it, read it, suck it up like a strawberry-banana smoothie.

Sipping their coffee at Starbucks with their smart-phones, "Oh My God! That's disgusting! Is there more?" Click, click, click. had millions, MILLIONS, of views which mean big bucks for them. They take those numbers to the advertisers, "We can sell your cars because we had this many views on our site; people will see your ads!"

She put the carrot out there and a bunch of bunnies took the bait.  Then Ms. Artley calls her viewers "idiots!"

Actually, I don't blame her. We are idiots. Remember Jerry Springer's show? If it was being produced today it would probably be entitled, "The Real Housewives of Springview Trailer Park".  Oh, the drama. 

Today we have so many shows that are pure, unadulterated crap. We promote name-calling, back-stabbing and trashing thy neighbor and trashing thy neighbor's wife. We show our teens and youngsters that the important stuff in our culture is who's in rehab, who's back in rehab, who should be in rehab and what are they wearing. We teach our children that integrity is totally inessential.

We teach them that people who shop at Walmart are fat, ignorant pigs.
We teach them that if you aren't wearing a Name brand, you are nothing, p.s. can't get name brands at Walmart.
We teach them if you are bigger than a size 3 you are ugly and disposable. In fact size 3 is pushing it!
We teach them to start their sentences with statements such as, "Look, Bitch..."
We teach our kids that if they want attention take drugs, take off your clothes, act out!

Do you want a better world? It is up to us to make it better. That means, of course, that when the evening news starts of with Lindsay showing up for court in her Calvin Klein jeans accessorized with a leather Michael Kors satchel, change the channel or turn the television off. When GMA announces that Justin just raced through another residetial area at 115 miles per hour, go for a walk. When or Yahoo headline another barely post-adolescent does something stupid, DO NOT click on the link.

Let's show Ford, Chevy, Volvo, Proctor Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN that we are not idiots. We are not little robots that can be led down the "buy-this-highway".

Stand up for yourself. Claim your humanity and put away the sheep's clothing!

(I know I sound snarky, but this really pisses me off.)

Ms. Artley, bite me!


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  1. What she said!
    (By the way, please don't shop at Walmart but for the right reasons.


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