June 05, 2014

Back Into Art

Let's get it straight. The title of this post is not to mislead you that I, in any way, am really putting my BACK into anything! Even my vacuum cleaner is self-propelled!

I've created a little studio for myself. My fingers, imagination and creativity are deep into art. For the most part, I am working with clay, though I am doing some drawing and painting.  (don't tell anyone, but I am also dancing...a lot....because it is my studio and because I can!

Several years ago I made a couple of wall Rosaries. I donated the first one to the church and it was sold at auction for $150 (or so). The couple that bought the Rosary gave it to a young woman who had just lost her husband to cancer and had 4 young children. I made another Rosary for them for their kind gesture.

At that time several other people asked me if I was going to make more to call them. They were interested in purchasing one. For some reason (dumb) I never did follow-up.

I started creating them again about 2 months ago. The priest at a local church wants me to display and sell them at the church bookstore. A couple of people have actually commissioned Rosaries and yesterday I sold one for $200.

A good friend wants me to build a business around my artwork. He is the CEO of his own nation-wide business that he built from scratch. He was also an advisor for SMART, a small business advisory service.

He was talking packaging, marketing, hiring help and really hitting the ground running. While it felt good to have someone see the potential and appreciate my art, I want to just keep it art. I don't want to make it WORK. 

I have parts and pieces for 4 more Rosaries that just need to be strung, then its back to the supplier for more clay. Can't wait to get my hands dirty.

I always liked playing with dirt!

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