June 17, 2014


Got Plans for Litha? Summer Solstice?

I have some beautiful fabric; dark side of royal blue with stars and another black and gold brocade. There is still time to sew a couple of amulet bags for friends.

There is a little meadow in French Gulch that is filled with wild chamomile for harvesting in an early morning run. A little bit of lavender blooming under my kumquat tree. Herkimer diamonds soaked in all the full moon energy. A leaf and stem from of holly growing in the fairy circle around the base of my giant sycamore and, of course, the sycamore. Double whammy of power there!

If there is still time after the drive to French Gulch, harvesting the plants in my own yard, I may drive out to Jelly's Ferry and harvest some mistletoe for the amulets.

There is a bit of fir and sycamore to burn in my magical fire pit, a little drumming and a midnight swim...I'm feeling this coming year is going to be Numinous with a capital YUM!


  1. I almost smelled them! Have a very magical Solstice!!

  2. It was a magical Solstice! How are your plans coming for Greece?


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