June 17, 2014

Purple Trees or?

I'm itching to paint another mural.

I can paint over this wall or I can take a chain saw to a couple of bushes out by the pool and clear some fencing.

Maybe outside would be the better idea. 

The backyard could use a little Hawaii! What do you think if I paint a couch and coffee table in the yard since I brought a tree and hills inside?

Mt. Lassen would look good under the Monterey Pine, don't you think?

My granddaughters and I decided to drill little holes in the fence and glue marbles of all colors in the holes. The sun setting in the evenings will make the marbles glow.

What do you think?

Inside wall or outside fence?

Hawaiian beach?

Mt. Lassen sunset?

Fairies and marbles?

Maybe I'll just take a nap and dream about it!!!

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