June 07, 2014


We're hot again! Triple digits weather.

I asked my dog if he wanted to take a walk yesterday. He jumped up and ran to the door, his little tush swinging back and forth, tail flying everywhere.

I put my shoes and hat on, opened the door. He ran out, down the driveway to the mailbox. We have a huge tree shading the driveway so the concrete was on the cool side.

He lifted his leg at the bushes by the mailbox and left his personal newsletter to the other pedestrians of the four-legged variety. He took about 10 steps on the hot concrete, turned around and ran back to me....that never happens until I call him.

He was looking up at me with that "is-he-smiling" look of his.

"What's up, Rex?"

Still just looking up at me.

"Do you want to go for a walk?"

Usually those words send him trotting down the sidewalk. Still just looking up at me...I swear that is a smile.

"Do you want to go in the house!"

He ran for the door as if he had been overseas for a year and was just returning home. He pushed his nose into the door, sat and looked back at me. Now I know that is a smile.

I opened the door. We stepped into the coolness.  Nice!

When we lived in the country and I told someone I walked to the mailbox, it could be construed as exercise. When I walk to the mailbox here, not so much.

As Rex and I sat in the coolness, he chewed on a huge knuckle bone and I sipped on green tea with ginger and lemon; we knew that at least we had given it a shot....not our best...but a shot non-the-less.

Who's smiling now?

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