November 28, 2015


Time to get out the Christmas decorations and do the house up! My favorite part of all the decorations is the garland around my red double entry door.

I love my doors. The red is bright, bold and hints or color and fun past the threshold.

BUT, if I could have any door, any door in the world, inviting guests to come on in...oh there are so many choices.

The tree door on the right would be a perfect fit for me.  Some of my best friends are trees, I love their majesty, their dignity, and their auras.  This carved door would absolutely be perfect except for the small part about knocking the existing house down and building a new, more appropriate house behind it. One cannot have this door and all it promises and have only two rooms with vaulted ceilings and the rest of the rooms graced with ceilings a mere 8 feet high. Even the vaulted are only 14 feet (and, for the most part, still have the icky cottage cheese texture...what were the builders thinking?)

Would my house embarrass this magnificent door?

 Would my little house be embarrassed by the door on the left, even though the size and lack of majesty
may be more appropriate?  I love, love, love the transom-ish windows above, but honestly, it looks a bit prickly. Yeah, I know, some of you are thinking or might have even said out loud, "but you're prickly, too, you old....(shame on you, Santa is watching!).

I love teal and turquoise and trees but if this one has to have all the gaudy carved stone work around it, It would become a condo for spiders of all kinds, and we've got spiders in northern California...big, giant creepy ones...(wish you could see my goose bumps). Yup, we're gonna pass on this door. Prickly spider condos are right out!

If I had a secret garden, I would definitely make the entrance special. Maybe a little purple door surrounded by jasmine and honeydew. the pathway leading to it would be lined with lavender and deep velvet purple verbena trailing from orange pots filled with violets and johnny-jump-ups.

You are probably asking yourself, "Doesn't she know that spiders can spin their webs in the greenery surround this garden door?"

Yes, I do, but spiders in the greenery, where they belong is natural. they have to hunt for their own meals. When they are clinging to the house, around the porch lights, it's as if I am an accomplice. Again, goose bumps and heebie jeegies. Yuck.

Many people say that our eyes are the doorways to our souls.
If the eyes didn't have it (doesn't mean the nays have it either) what would the doorway to your soul look like? 

Would it be wide open to the world or would it be tucked into the surrounding greenery?

Would it be hand carved oak?
Would it be wrought with iron? (get it!)

Can you imagine the handle to the doorway to your soul? Is it from bin 24 from the corner hardware store or is it beautifully customized?

More importantly, is the door open and inviting or is it locked up tight and the key heavily guarded? 


  1. What fun! I'm trying to imagine what kind of door the door to my soul would be and what kind of handle it would have. I love colourful and modern things, so it would definitely have some of that. But I'm also a minimalist, and it would have to be simple and sleek. I must say I really enjoyed reading this interesting post! My imagination has taken off now... :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the post. Imagination is really so vital ( and many of my invisible friends rely heavily on it!).

      Simple and sleek sounds great promising the richness of soul in the inside. Too many of us forget that life is not in the the packaging!

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  3. Doors and doorways are sacred spaces in Celtic spirituality because they are places of transition. These are some beautiful examples!

  4. I love every one of these doors! Imagine the fun of putting up little white lights at Christmas time and red velvet bows? Magical.

    1. It would be fun to decorate them all for all the holidays!


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