November 28, 2015

To-Do Lists: Preparing for 2016

Many of you are dedicated list makers which, in turn, makes many of you much more efficient than me. Kudos to your organizational skills.

I make lists but I wouldn't exactly call them TO-DO lists as much as and Things-I-Forgot-TO-DO-MUST-DO-NOW lists.

The one list that I am dedicated to accomplish every year is my Packing For The New Year list.

Truly, this little list is one of the most important lists one can do, in my opinion.

There are two columns.

Must Have             Verboten Objects

Remember that what you decide to leave behind is just as important as what you choose to pack! Some of the items are the same as last year and some items are new.

Must Haves:

Integrity and Good Music,

Etymology Dictionary and  New Words

Imagination and Good Books,
An Open Mind and a Soft Shoulder.

A big bag of  Yes's for things untried.

My unopened box of No's! (going to use some of them-there NO's this year!)

Smiles When Sadness Intrudes.

Creativity, Spirituality and Good Humor.

Paint and Brushes,  Blank Paper and Colored Pencils.

Courage and a New Bathing Suit, Bird Seed and Bubbles.

Skate Key, Lightening Rod and Lip Gloss.

Purple Nail Polish and Body Shoppe Africa Spa Body Butter

My crystal door knob in case some doors have no apparent means of entry...(always carry an extra door knob with you; they are much less cumbersome than windows).

Good Wine and Good Friends.

Soft, soft, soft sheets, a feather pillow and a promise to remember my dreams.

A warm, time-worn quilt, aged cheese and apples just in case a spot of Earth invites me to a little picnic.

Soft, worn pajamas, cuddles and hugs and my favorite mugs.

Verboten Objects ~ What I am prepared to leave behind:

Maps unless it is a map I am drawing for myself.
Whining, on my part or anyone elses.....NO WHINING!

Bad Attitude, Brussel Sprouts, Judgemental People and unfair judgements on my part.
Grudges, Clothes that itch or bind, Excuses for not being Authentic.

I Promise To Be On The Lookout For:

Every Opportunity to tell my children and grandchildren and family and friends,
"I Love YOU" ~"You are Special" ~ "You are important to me"

Adding the opportunity to encourage others, "You can do it!" to those moments telling others: 
"Good job"
"I am proud of you"
"Hot damn" and sometimes giggle at myself and say..."man, that was stupid!"
I promise to leave enough room in my bags for sea shells and leaves and rocks and lost puppies.
...and to be on the lookout for
Miracles and Angels,
Sunrises and Sunsets,
New Friends and Rare Birds.
Fairies and Brownies

What's left packed from last year?

Good Books, Good Music, "Good Waves, Man"
Hugs, Kisses and Macaroons, Vintage Linens and Gin and Tonics for hot afternoons,
Crystals, Naps under the sky or completely naked under the covers in the middle of the day.
Opportunities for Growth, a chance to make my own path Out of the Box and Outside the Envelope.

What are you going to pack?

What are you going to leave behind?

What are you watching for?


  1. Another great post! I'd have to give this some time to fill in those questions but just as a quick response:

    I'd like to pack things that make me happy, leave behind things that stress and frustrate me, and watch for inspirational moments...especially the ones that produce beautiful photographs!

    1. Watching for inspirational moments is good but I notice you do a good job inspiring those moments too.

  2. Fantabulous post. You are awesome.


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