November 24, 2015

Thanks Giving

"Earth, symbol of security and stability,
bring peace and harmony into my home
at this season of thanksgiving.
May my family be well,
my house be a haven,
and my table be one of hospitality.
May the earth, the soil, the land,
ground me and protect me and
those whom I love,
and that which I call mine.
My property shall be a safe place,
a secure place, a harmonious place."

I found the gem above while surfing the net earlier this month. My apologies for not having the author's name or even remembering where I picked it up. (If it is yours, please let me know.)

This past year has been one of changes, upheavals, successes, discoveries and blessings. It has also been filled with the wonderfulness of the mundane; a safe place to wash dishes and read a book, a roof to keep us dry, vehicles that get us from here to there and back.  

Social media is exploding, again, with stories of the gruesomeness of the first Thanksgiving. Maybe they're true, maybe they're not; probably they are.

But, bottom line, life is good. There is plenty to be thankful for and I am!

Happy Thanksgiving all.

p.s. Keep your asses home tonight! No Shopping


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