November 04, 2015

Is you is or Is you ain't?

In 2007 someone from the MetaCreative Magazine staff contacted me through my Myspace page. I had posted a couple of mandalas that I created on the pages and they wanted to post a couple of them in their magazine.

I almost fell to the floor. the request was completely unexpected but very, very welcome. It's strange being an artist. You paint, draw, create but somehow feel a bit shaky and unsure when actually verbalizing, "I am an artist!"  Thoughts fly through your mind like, "what if they discover I'm not an artist, I just like to sculpt and paint?"

I was approached today by someone who saw the link  to MetaCreative (pages 17 & 18) on my Google+ profile and asked me to create a mandala for their daughter for her birthday. Thank goodness the request came in email because my hesitation would have embarrassed us both.

What if I can't make another one? What if she doesn't like it?

Is this crazy?

I visited my Mandalas blog, which I haven't posted on in years, yes, shamefully, years. As I read the comments and saw the mandalas, I realized how much I missed creating them and meditating with them. With my studio being otherwise occupied by grandson and his family, I haven't sculpted in close to a year. The most creative I get lately is making excuses why I can't go for a walk on the River Trail.

My to-do list for the day. Head to Michael's, purchase high quality watercolor paper and  a stash of Pigma Micron pens. When I get home I search out my watercolor pencils and pastels and do some coloring.

What the hell! It was always my favorite subject at school and coloring is good for the soul!

p.s. What happens to our old Myspace pages when you can't get back in to them and how to get back in touch with the wonderful friends I made?


  1. That's wonderful! Perhaps the universe is sending you a message that it's time to focus on mandalas once more.

    1. I agree. I got the message, loud and clear.

  2. Excellent post. I've recently discovered adult coloring books and love them. I've also bought some Zentangle books but haven't done anything yet.

    1. Coloring is really relaxing. I have a mandala coloring book and sometimes play with it, but not enough.

  3. Oh wow. I think you should definitely create Mandalas. I had no idea what it was, but your link helped me out, thank you. Your colours.... vibrant.... draws the eye in *smiles*


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