November 25, 2015

The "OTHER" Question Of The Month

Michael D'Agostino has a 'question of the month' on his blog. You've probably wandered by it a time or two. As I am jamming through my email, checking FB (thinking about checking out of FB until after the elections) and making my final final list of to-do's for Thanksgiving preps, his most recent question popped into my gmail.

Question: "Which one social convention would you get rid of?"

Oh My God! Why? Why would he ask such a question while I'm in the middle of 'doing'. I promised myself only 'doing' today, no 'thinking' today. No time for contemplation, except which red wine can I serve with turkey because my dad prefers a robust red to white. (Maybe I'll just get Dad a steak and let my grandson BBQ it).

My list-making is bogged down with social conventions and here I sit, needing a shower, three bottles of wine, celery and the chipped purple polish to be removed from my toenails to be replaced with less chipping color.

Social Conventions.

Our culture or other cultures?

Significant demands or insignificant details of an OCD Emily Post?

Speaking of Emily Post, I find it very comfortable with elbows on a table during a meal. No elbows on the table is definitely O-U-T!

It is nice when a man opens a door for a woman but I find it a waste to stand by a door waiting for him. My husband also says that he has been verbally flogged when opening doors for women. Why can't whoever gets to the door first, open it? Who walks through the doorway first is up to the two people at the door. No rules, just people being nice.

I love to see a Father walk his daughter down the aisle during a wedding but to be perfectly honest, when the pastor starts with the who-gives-this-woman stuff, I want to throw things! That convention needs to hit the road, Jack!

Damn list is calling my name, so is the shower and I need a cup of coffee. Got to get to the agenda of the day.....which brings up one more social convention. Responsible adult! That one really sucks!

I know D'Agostino asked which "one" convention but I've got more, so many social conventions and so little time!

So, Which one ( or dozen) social convention(s) would you get rid of?


  1. Great answers under duress! B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

    1. Got through the day but thought about social conventions all day long. Best of all, I kept breathing! I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

  2. I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I like all your suggestions, especially about the elbows on the table. Yes to that! I do it all the time.

    1. Speaking of tables, I came up with another convention. With all the crap in the world, the injustice and cruelties, who really cares which fork one uses with the salad or entree?

      Yesterday, I only had knives and one fork at each setting and at times I alternated one elbow or the other and sometimes I have both on the table! It was wonderful!!

  3. I would get rid of that tiresome social convention that says we can't wear pyjama bottoms to work. TYRANTS!

    1. OMG, exactly! The tyranny must end! You are such a wise and perceptive woman!

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  5. Wow you are a fabulous writer!! I love hearing what you say as though talking with a friend! Yes and yes about all the above!! It is after all 2015! As for the red wine...serve both and forget the conventions!! Most people do today! Live the life you create, forget the judgements! I think young people today don't follow all the old some way they're a lot smarter than is the generation why.......something we should have done years ago...asked why!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me back here!
    Hugs Giggles

  6. Thank you! I am really enjoying reading your blog and love, love, love your faces.

    The younger generation is smarter. Could be why they are always asking, "Really?" but it sounds more like "Really!!!!"


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