April 12, 2013

Duck Dynasty

My grandson, bless his heart, is living with us. When he moved in he was of the opinion that us oldsters were culturally deprived. He wanted to catch us up to the new world.

He introduced us to American Pickers, nice show, learn a little history, some trivia and see some cool things.

He introduced me to Rob & Big. When I was laid up after knee surgery, I have to tell you I enjoyed laughing many afternoons away with Cole, as we watched Big get his nails worked on and his faux feet, watched Rob's attempt at Bull Riding in Mississippi and many other hilarious exhibitions of young men with too much money, too much time and way, way too much testosterone.

He introduced me to Apple Pie Moonshine! He taught me that some people polish their tires! I think the people who polish their tires were drinking Apple Pie Moonshine when the idea of shiny tires occurred to them.

Yesterday, he introduced us to a new show.  Duck Dynasty!

It was like time-traveling to the late '70's and finding myself sitting around the living room with my ex and his BUDdies. (wink wink nudge nudge)

The smartest thing I heard from any of these guys came from Uncle Si, he's the one just above the C in DUCK. He said, "If you are going to buy something, you should always take it out for a test drive, like a car, a boat or a tree!"  I'm not sure about these guys but their film editor is one talented dude!

Yup, our grandson is bringing us up to date on American Culture in the new century.

Gratitude Journal for April 12, 2013
I am thankful for Apple Pie Moonshine (keep it in the freezer).)
I am thankful that Rob and Big live in L.A.
I am thankful for the scenery in American Pickers
I am thankful that I have some Apple Pie Moonshine in the freezer when Duck Dynasty comes on.
I am thankful I was born in the last century and that I am on the down side of the hill!

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