April 11, 2013

John ~ Strange Guy In Park

My cell vibrated today. Looked down at number....local area code but I don't recognize number and neither does my cell.

No message left so I called it back....thinking maybe somebody calling about my mom (who is in Rehab)


"Hi, I just got a call from this number!"

"Oh yeah, you must be that chicks aunt, just a minute."  I hear him yell, "Hey, lady! hey, hey you, Lady! HEEEEEEYYYYYY, LAADEEEEEEE!"

"Sorry," he tells me. "She's too far away, she must have already left. She asked if she could use the phone because she wanted to go see her Auntie!"

I asked if this was Second Home (NVCSS) or the Mission?

"No, I'm John, I'm just in the park. She just asked me to use the phone, so she is on her way to your house."

Reminded me of the baseball song,

"One, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game...."

I hate baseball.

My grandson (I love him so much) walks in shaking his head. His girlfriend (uh, not sure its proper to say "girlfriend" because they've only been dating a very short time). Anyway, he's nodding his head and tells me his girlfriend is getting tossed out of the house she just moved into. Someone stole her laptop on day one, so she locked her bedroom door while she was at work. Head guy says no locked doors during the day because he has Direct TV and ......what?........So, I tell my sweetie pie grandson she is not moving in here but my Dad is sitting on couch and he has had a pretty stressed week. I tell my grandson we will discuss it later.

I leave room to go take deep breath and count to 753. I come back in room and Dad has gone back to Rehab to be with mom. Grandson is sitting on his bed, hands in head....Rescuer at heart, he doesn't know what to do. How do you tell a Rescuer that it is not his problem to solve and again, NO, she can't move in here.

I am sitting here with my dog under my feet, thinking I have to get up and make us some pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner, a veggie and a salad.

Also making another list in my head.

1. Family problem, doing what we can.
2. Not my problem
3. Not my problem
4. Not my problem
5. My problem but can put off for another day or so
6. Not my problem
7  My probelm, but will think about it tomorrow.
8. Survivor on tonight....and I think of Scarlett O'hara, "I won't think about it tonight!"

Tomorrow might be sucky but that will be tomorrow!!!

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