April 16, 2013

Remember The Good Guys

Remember These Good Guys, not the bad guys.
Yesterday was a beautiful day in America. At the oldest annual marathon in the U.S. there were 23,000 registered runners. Three quarters of them actually ran, that is somewhere around 17,000 people running 26.2 miles.

Someone ugly and soulless planted a couple of bombs that killed 3 people and physically injured more than 100 people. We will never know how many have suffered emotional wounds. The media (God help their souls) are showing us pictures over and over again and making statements such as "...while America tries to cope with these images...".  The inhuman person/s who planted those bombs are getting his/their ego stroked by the heavy and constant coverage. There is a good chance that the 2013 Boston Marathon will be remembered because of how ugly it ended.

Let me tell you how beautiful it was and why we need to see the goodness in this day. The day did not end with the violence of the day but will continue on, making a difference in our world.

A dear friend of mine let us know his daughter was okay. She attends MIT and was participating in a Fund Raiser at the event. She was standing within feet of the explosions up to half an hour before they went off. She was only one of thousands of people, good human beings, trying to make the world a better place.

The Boston Marathon participants were not just the 17,000+ runners but there were thousands more. THOUSANDS of people there trying to make a difference.

Ever heard of Camp Kesem?  They provide a supportive, life long community to children of cancer victims. They also build leaders for tomorrow by empowering college students to "make a difference and build invaluable leadership skills."  College students, People! College students who were not out partying and whooping it up (as the media would usually have you believe). College students raising funds to help children! Can you turn off your television and not let Diane Sawyer or NBC  or the inhumanity of the soulless bombers destroy the beauty of humanity in the actions and intentions of these dedicated students?

Do you know Beverly City Council President Paul Guanci or Ryan Cronin?  Paul exchanged his suit and tie for running shorts and jersey to join Ryan (college student) to fund raise for the Dana-Farber Cancer  Institute.

Crowdwise and John Hancock raised over 6 million dollars yesterday for non-profits across our nation.

Heard of Cops for Kids With Cancer, Playworks, Running For Cover? What about Dream Big, a wonderful organization that empowers girls through athletics and physical activity?

The Boston Marathon 2013 should be remembered for the humanity of it, not the inhumanity. Celebrate the thousands of people of all ages who were out there running, assisting, guarding, serving.

I pray for all the people touched by this act of terrorism, but terrorism is about creating fear, trying to instill us with fear.  We are wounded today but don't let the wounds stay raw tomorrow. Don't let the Bad Guys win.

Let the Good Guys who were out there making a difference be what you remember about April 15, 2013 in Boston.

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